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IT Modernization

As governments look to provide a better, more consistent citizen experience — a critical area of focus is on IT Modernization. According to Gartner, a digital government is a government designed and operated to take advantage of digital data in optimizing, transforming and creating government services.*

Government agencies fall into varying levels of digital governance maturity. The more mature agencies tend to have better access to data in order to more efficiently serve citizens and service members. Access to organized data provides opportunities to improve the citizen experience by developing end-to-end digital services that cut across agency data silos. For this reason, all federal agencies are undertaking efforts to modernize their IT infrastructure and supporting systems. For example, it's now possible to digitally connect government agencies and their employees with services like education programs or to local suppliers, businesses and prospective employees. Agencies can also ensure that citizen information and personnel records are secured, organized, available and accessible to every citizen, all of the time.

Fortunately, we can help. Our Advanced Document Capture Services convert unstructured digital documents and scan paper files, transforming all that data into meaningful electronic information. Best of all, our document capture solution is tailored to meet your needs. You can store data on your network, in the cloud, or use a hybrid approach. Similarly, our Forms Management Services use powerful optical character recognition technology to convert important forms such as paper, PDF files, images and more into editable and searchable electronic forms (e-forms).

In December, 2014, congress passed the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act, or FITARA. This legislation requires federal agencies to submit quarterly progress reports on the agency's strategy for consolidating and optimizing data centers including planned cost savings. Each quarter, federal agencies receive a scorecard on their progress, which impacts the amount of funding they receive. This is why it is more important than ever that agencies have a strong data strategy in place.

Advanced Document Capture Services

We offer an affordable, more secured way to manage massive amounts of information while improving access to your data and organizing that which is unstructured.

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Forms Management Services

Convert paper to e-forms, making digital forms fully editable, automating approval workflows, managing and securing forms information, incorporating forms into your enterprise content management system (ECM) and more.

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Digital Rights Management

In order to protect all of your necessary data, our Digital Rights Management services and solutions will help you keep it safe. Our eDiscovery team will work with you to pinpoint the most important assets and then work to keep them safe and secured.

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Consulting Services

Transform and redefine the way you do business. We can help you improve processes, develop and implement paperless strategies while meeting digital transformation compliance requirements.

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  1. *Andrea Di Maio & Rick Howard. "Introducing the Gartner Digital Government Maturity Model 2.0." Gartner, July 20, 2017.