Equipment Take Back Program

Recycle your equipment locally or with us

Choose environmentally friendly recycling methods for end-of-life equipment (e-waste) to dispose of electronic waste (printers, faxes, and MFPs) is good for the environment and for your organization.

Disposing of e-waste is both environmentally friendly and, in some states, it's the law. Select a state below to see if regulations apply where you live and work.

If there’s no local recycling program in your state, follow the process on the page below for our Equipment Take Back Program for your product type. Our program operates in accordance with state recycling laws. For products that qualify for California SB20/50 recycling, find a local recycler at CalRecycle.

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Equipment Take Back Program

When you can't use local equipment-recycling resources, please take advantage of these programs to recycle products from Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier.

Print a prepaid shipping label to ship back your desktop equipment

Floor-standing multifunction printers (MFPs) and whiteboards​

Call 1-973-882-5246 during standard business hours and provide your name, address, model number(s) and serial number(s) to receive an RMA number and ship-to address. The RMA information must be on the bill of lading that's addressed to the Ricoh Americas-designated recycling center. You are responsible for the cost to ship the item(s), and you must make the transportation and payment arrangements. If you don't have a preferred trucking firm, you can contact TTR Shipping at 1-888-333-6865 to request the Ricoh Americas rate schedule to return end-of-life equipment. We cannot accept “freight collect” shipments.

Return InfoPrint printers

To return an InfoPrint printer, please send an email (in English) to and provide the following details. We will then respond to notify you whether the product is eligible for take-back and instructions on how to proceed:​

  • Model number of product​

  • Your company name​

  • Contact name​

  • Work address​

  • Telephone number​

  • Email address​

Have questions? Speak with one of our representatives.