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File Analysis Services

Work smarter by measuring and managing your information assets

Information and cyber security

Based on Ricoh client engagements and work with analysts, we have found that the average organization has 30 to 50 thousand objects per employee spread across multiple repositories.

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As unstructured content increases, file repositories can become increasingly difficult to govern, which may expose you to litigation risks and compliance issues. Ricoh’s File Analysis as a Service with Technology (FAaaST) can help to reduce your exposure with information economics — by eliminating redundancies and increasing accountability for the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your data.

Map your data for more efficiency


Define the value of your file content with information economics.

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When considering the value of your information assets, it’s important to take more into account than just the cost of storage. Emails, intellectual property, personal information and other forms of data contribute to an indiscernible mix of information that, left unchecked, can lead to unnecessarily high costs, including:

  • Excessive billable attorney hours for eDiscovery research.
  • Lost worker productivity and delayed decisions from searching, recreating and reformatting content.
  • Redundant applications which are difficult to retire and costly to migrate.

With more than 80 years in information management, Ricoh has extensive experience in optimizing data workflows, eliminating unnecessary costs and proactively reducing risks. Our Enterprise Services professionals can meet with your subject matter experts to get a thorough understanding of your organization’s policies and operations, and run advanced data mining applications — allowing us to assess your data properly to maximize its value, enable more insightful decision making and streamline communication across your organization.


Take a proactive approach to eDiscovery


Get your unstructured data in order, and preemptively reduce litigation risks.

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Reducing data redundancies across your various platforms also improves accountability. When it comes to eDiscovery and other types of emergency investigative research, proactive file analysis can benefit your organization in a number of ways, providing:

  • Information sources for remediation.
  • An audit trail of data ownership.
  • More authentic, reliable content.

Waiting for a legal issue to arise and then scrambling to find the necessary information for litigation is expensive and inefficient — when you let redundant and outdated data run rampant, you’re asking for trouble. Our Enterprise Services team will help you make sure your relevant content is buttoned up and easy to find, so you can get the right information fast when you need it most.


Get affordable and enhanced data protection


Help reduce expenses and security risks before and after content migration.

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Our team can work with your IT, legal and operations departments to iron out a strategy for system and data migration that prioritizes your most valuable content. After FAaaST identifies all of your customer, employee and other company content — including compliance-related data, bank account information, network diagrams and personal information — it tags all of your data, making it easy to move sensitive information to a separate, more secured area when migrating to your new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. From there, we’ll help you dispose of information that has outlived business and legal retention requirements.

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