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Cyber Security Services 

Help reduce your risk of falling victim to malicious cyber attacks 

Information and cyber security

51.9% of enterprises surveyed were breached up to 5 times over a 12 month period.1

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Find peace of mind with our Cyber Security services and solutions, which help protect your business against future risks — such as unforeseen expenses that can result from cyber attacks. Ricoh and our strategic partners can assess your company’s unique assets and vulnerabilities to put together a combination of out-of-the-box solutions to fit your needs. We can also create a tailored solution that meets your specific compliance-driven requirements. 

Lock your IT infrastructure up tight 


 Help keep threats at bay with comprehensive risk management services 

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By providing additional security features, with our strategic partners, we can help enhance protection over the attack surface of your organization — including networks, endpoints, mobile devices, applications and data that could put you at risk — helping to safeguard your information assets so you can keep work moving without worry.

We have a variety of solutions that can help you prevent, detect, contain, respond and recover from threats quickly and efficiently, including:

  • Managed-endpoint protection
  • Cloud security services
  • Managed firewalls
  • Mobile device management

We can also enable you to restore data quickly based on your preferred recovery point objective (RPO) and your recovery time objective (RTO). Plus, we can help you remain compliant with RPOs that satisfy governance and regulatory requirements.


Keep your sensitive data more secure 


Help reduce risks and maximize cost benefits with a tailored cyber security strategy. 

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To thoroughly understand your business requirements, we can run onsite vulnerability assessments, cyber security risk assessments, external penetration testing and internal penetration testing to weigh the risk and impact of a potential attack. In addition to performing assessments and tests, we get to know your business goals, cost considerations and industry-specific compliance issues.

Compliance impact varies from business to business. Compromised medical records may result in fines for healthcare organizations subject to HIPAA regulations. Stolen cardholder data can be detrimental to retail businesses, and as PCI standards become more stringent, the impact of jeopardized personal information becomes higher for these businesses. Our Enterprise Services team and partners have expertise in a variety of industries, and they can advise you on the best combination of services and solutions to help protect your information assets.

Stay a step ahead of cyber criminals 


Help protect your information at mobile security endpoints. 

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The proliferation of smart devices make data threats via mobile workers a growing concern. But you can take comfort in knowing that no matter where your employees are in the world — whether scanning to the cloud from an MFP in a remote location or collaborating on a tablet while on the go — our solutions can help keep your confidential information safe.

We provide multiple levels of access rights to support collaboration while helping to ensure that only the right people can see your sensitive information — making it easy for you to manage users, groups, permissions and more.

Once we assess your information protection needs, we can deploy the right combination of our Cyber Security services and solutions quickly and affordably. Then we can follow up with regular risk assessments to help you stay ahead of evolving security threats.

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1"2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report." CyberEdge Group. 2016.