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Ricoh IT Project Support services alleviates resource constraints and expands your service delivery without expanding your full time employee count. We can supplement your team with skilled IT project staff, or scope and deliver an entire IT project. Additionally, we also provide regularly scheduled onsite or offsite maintenance services. We enable your team to deliver your many IT priorities on time and on budget. 

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Outsource your entire project — or just pieces of it. 

IT outsourcing
There is never a shortage of IT projects. In fact, balancing all urgent IT priorities is often overwhelming, and many businesses find they are missing the skills or the time to scope and deliver critical IT projects. What's more, we know that when you delay or overlook important IT projects, you can introduce service interruptions.

Our IT Project Support services help you plan, design, deploy and achieve specific outcomes — such as network upgrades, cloud transitions and application development. Wide ranging and flexible, from on premise to the cloud, our experts can help with part of the project or scope, plan and deliver the entire project. Our goal is to help your business become more agile, productive and predictable. 

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Maintain the stability and predictability of your IT infrastructure. 

IT maintenance
IT maintenance is an important day to day reality that requires time and resources. So much so that when your team is focused on regular maintenance, it impacts other important IT projects, such as the delivery of new services. Important resources are taken away from focusing on business innovation, which in turn affects end user productivity and the customer experience.

For regularly scheduled maintenance services, you can count on us to deliver. Onsite or offsite, we provide the experts, skills and systems to ensure your IT infrastructure is predictable and productive. Now your team can focus on driving important business outcomes, every day. 

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We are your one-stop shop for support.

One stop shop

When you outsource your IT needs, you gain peace of mind knowing that we can take on as much, or as little, work as needed. Here is a sampling of some of our project support services to get you started:

  • Application development
  • Automated workflows
  • 0365 migration
  • Cloud transition
  • Network upgrades
  • Desktop refresh

Of course, IT excellence dwells in the details, and we're happy to dive as deeply as you like.

We begin with a strategic assessment of your IT needs and then work with your team to find an affordable pricing structure that works for you and your company. With our IT Project Support services, it's never been easier to plan for expenses while receiving top-tier security, reliability and support.


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