managed 3D print services

RICOH Managed 3D Print Services

Onsite 3D print services for additive manufacturing production.

One Ricoh customer has shared that onsite 3D printing has reduced their prototyping turnaround times by 80% over traditional tooling prototypes.

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We provide the people, processes and technology to help you incorporate 3D print production onsite at your facility. Let our trained onsite staff take care of your everyday 3D production needs. For educational institutions, we can manage your existing 3D print lab or design an entire makerspace solution to meet the learning objectives of your students.


Considerations for onsite 3D printing

printing onsite

Bringing your 3D capabilities onsite increases adoption and confidence.

Creating an onsite 3D print production facility can seem overwhelming. The use of the term “printing” can often belie the complexities of using industrial production technology. Beyond choosing the right machines to meet your needs, there are other issues to consider, such as:

  • Ensuring your additive manufacturing environment is managed safely
  • Understanding the chemical and mechanical properties of the materials being used
  • Adapting 3D print workflows and production processes
  • Maintaining the latest software and hardware tools
  • Leveraging design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) principals
  • Training and support
  • Keeping costs under control

And, more importantly, having an additive manufacturing facility that is convenient and easy to use.


Quickly stand up a 3D print facility

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Free your staff to focus on critical business projects.

Whether you’ve been using service bureaus, or have purchased your own 3D printers, there comes a time when you want to optimize or expand your 3D production environment.

Get a single point of control with centralized 3D output management and reach your additive manufacturing goals sooner by bringing in the experts for the following benefits:

  • Platform agnostic software and hardware solutions specific to additive manufacturing
  • A dedicated staff of experts to reduce the time your staff spends on the daily running of the 3D lab facility
  • Competency training to ensure top-tier production capabilities
  • Increased productivity and speed to keep production output at the pace needed

Drive productivity and satisfaction

print productivity

Speed production times, reduce expenses and support hardware investments.

Devices that are down frustrate your workers, creating roadblocks to doing their jobs and to supporting your enterprise’s success. Partner with us to keep your 3D print production workflows running smoothly and maximize uptime for higher productivity.

With RICOH Managed 3D Print Services, your staff can count on fast, reliable output and production from the devices they need to complete critical workflows. Other benefits include:

  • Trained personnel to staff the 3D lab keeps production at the pace you need
  • Real-time cost and time estimates and production statuses
  • Ongoing standard maintenance and supply management
  • Delivering single-point tracking and outsourcing
  • Data about utilization, costs, usage patterns and more

Improve the education experience with 3D labs and makerspaces

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Discover proven tools and technology to help you manage creative spaces.

Digital manufacturing is comprised of many transformative technologies, including 3D printing, CNC milling, custom PCB, digital sewing and others. These technologies impact various sectors — from medical applications, architecture and engineering to the food, design and fashion industries. It is essential for students to be exposed to the technology that could play a key role in their future careers.

We’ll help you design and manage a comprehensive, 360-degree solution that enables educators to integrate pedagogy with technology and expertise so that lessons can be used to solve real-world problems. Our approach includes:

  • Consulting and program design
  • State-of-the-art equipment and software
  • Installation
  • Lab management
  • Maintenance and consumables management


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