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Digital Book Manufacturing and Books on Demand

Our comprehensive solution helps streamline data capture, provide job visibility, track jobs and speed up digital book manufacturing.

Turn digital book manufacturing into a nearly hands-free process. Our solution includes:

  • Book publishing workflows

  • Software for digital asset management

  • Continuous feed inkjet printers

  • Cutsheet digital presses

  • Finishing capabilities

  • Consulting

  • Professional services

  • Up to 24/7 support

Whether you're a book manufacturer, commercial printer, publisher or in-plant printer, your customized, integrated solution will span "data in" to "finished book out" with full visibility and tracking.

Simplify publishing on demand with expert integration

Opt for an open, vendor-agnostic approach that gives you freedom of choice.

End-to-end integration is vital for speed and accuracy, so you don't waste time or resources. With our open book manufacturing workflow software, you can plug in your preferred hardware and software, including current and future products.

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Choose the right partner for books-on-demand success

Build your business on a foundation of stability, quality and reliability.

Minimize risk and protect your reputation and revenue by choosing a vendor with a successful track record. With our 30+ years in digital printing, customer priorities come first: stable platforms, durable inkjet heads and market-leading quality.

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Print books on demand confidently and cost-effectively

Align your investment with your vision and market opportunities.

A successful books-on-demand business requires attention to your business plan, marketing, sales, staff adoption and customer management. We help you with all of this and more, so everyone is on the same page and you can go to market confidently.

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On-demand inkjet is the future of publishing

Go where publishing is going: on-demand printing. Earn new revenues from customized textbooks, variable data printing and more.

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Boost efficiency and revenue

How book publishers can increase efficiency with digital print technology and reduce costs with shorter print runs.

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