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Mail Management: Postal Discounts & Data Quality

Optimize your mail workflow to maximize postal discounts, reduce returned mail and keep up with USPS regulations.
Our print and mail specialists spend time onsite to analyze your operation and consult with you to develop an ROI model that aligns with your mail management goals. They evaluate scenarios, including file consolidation, householding and mail commingling, to identify an efficient print-to-mail strategy and products for you to manage the USPS CASS™ and PAVE™ systems, apply address cleansing and verification, track mail pieces, implement evolving USPS rules and optimize downstream processes like insertion. 

Lower postal and operating costs 

Maximize postal discounts and minimize returned mail. 

With a print-to-mail workflow that incorporates USPS rules, you can earn the most discounts with Full-Service Intelligent Mail®. Improve delivery accuracy and avoid wasted postage with address cleansing, address verification and print suppression. 

Apply automation to improve mail quality

Enhance the speed and accuracy of your print and mail workflow.

With the right tools and our expertise, you can incorporate functionality like mail commingling, which improves productivity, and piece-level tracking, which provides you with job status, record audit trails and generates reports.

Keep up with evolving USPS rules and regulations

Educate your staff and keep your print-to-mail workflow current.

Our print mail consultants keep up with evolving USPS rules and regulations so you don't have to be the expert. We'll prepare you for changes that affect mail management, update the workflow software and provide any necessary training and support.

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