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IT Project Based Services

Complete your IT projects on time, within budget and with expert experience.

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50% Percent of tech projects need massive reworking by the time they're finished. Contributing factors include poorly defined outcome, lack of leadership and no plan or timeline.1


IT projects, such as an office move, data center configurations, or equipment updates, can put loads of excessive stress on your IT team. They need to keep the IT side of your business running while planning, preparing and executing new endeavors. Therefore, IT projects oftentimes fail, not due to the technology itself but because they were never set up for success from the start.

Ricoh’s IT Project Based Services can assist your business with the planning, preparation and execution of a large, or small IT project, while helping to ensure your project is delivered correctly, on time, and within budget.

Our IT Project Based Services are designed to minimize the risk associated with your critical or large-scale jobs. With our experienced team of experts, we will focus our resources to aggressively define your specific problems, solve them, and deliver high quality results throughout the project execution, all while keeping you in the loop.


Prepare your project with crucial planning


We know what details to cover and questions to ask when it comes to your IT project.

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IT systems and equipment play a major role in the success of your business — touching almost all parts of your organization. Consequently, the projects that surround your IT systems pose a large risk if something goes awry.

That’s where we can help.

Achieving your specific goal, on time and within budget is our top priority and the planning and preparation that goes into meeting these goals is how we make your IT project a success. In fact, 54% percent of IT project failures can be attributed to project management, whereas only 3% are attributed to technical challenges.1

The planning portion of any IT project can be the most crucial step in a project’s life cycle. Ricoh’s IT Project Based Services will work to understand your current environment, evaluate your needs, effectively develop and implement the solution and, if necessary, provide the training so you can take the project and run with it. We have close relationships with third party vendors and are able to obtain the right software and equipment that your project requires without blowing your budget.

We also work proactively, initiating conversations and planning stages concerning future projects including hardware and software updates.

From purpose, objectives, constraints and project deliverables to schedule and budget summary, there’s a lot that goes into an IT based project. We have the engineering talent paired with experience to carefully and meticulously plan for each aspect of your IT project and keep you informed along the way.


Minimize downtime and reduce costly mistakes


Enlist a team of experienced professionals for your most crucial IT projects.

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Some IT projects may be more frequent and routine while others such as an office move, may be something your IT team has never had to address. They may lack the necessary experience when it comes to carrying out these types of IT critical projects, putting your business at risk of downtime or create costly mistakes.

While a data center move, for example, may occur at your organization once every five to ten years, we execute data center moves for businesses of all sizes quite frequently. As a result, we are able to apply our various experiences and best-practice methodologies to your IT project, helping to ensure your project is carried out on time, on budget and produces maximum efficiency and results. 


Enlist the resources your project requires


Tap into personnel and equipment when and where you need.

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Does your IT team have the capacity to take on a large IT project? Chances are they probably don’t but not all projects can or should wait, so what resources can you pull from? Ricoh has teams of experienced IT professionals located throughout the U.S. who are ready and willing to take on your most challenging IT projects.

We are able to provide personnel, skills, and equipment when and where you need to help you meet your IT requirements without the costs associated with bringing on extra employees to handle the workload.

Ricoh can provide the tools and equipment needed to get the job done. Need to implement a server migration? We can transfer your data to the cloud or one of our available servers, get your servers in place and transfer the data back to you with little or no downtime to your business. Looking to move your data to the cloud? Let our IT personnel set up your cloud storage solutions in a secured and accessible manner for those who need to access it.

With Ricoh's IT Project Based Services you can always have the staff and equipment on hand that your project requires.


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