Type C751 Waste Toner Bottle

Type C751

  •   Yield: 70000
  •   Contents: 1 bottle

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For Use With:

Production Print (8)

  • Pro C7110SX
  • Pro C751EX
  • Pro C7110X
  • Pro C7110
  • Pro C651EX
  • Pro C7110S
  • Pro C7200SL
  • Pro C751

Full Specifications

Notes on Yield

Waste toner bottle yield when used with 5-color set up, coverage 50% (CMYK @35% + 5th color @15%) is 77,000; yield will increase if used with 4-color set up (CMYK@35%) to 136,000.

Product Type

Waste Toner Bottle



Contents of Package

1 Each

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