RICOH SIPRNet Token Authentication Solution

US Government/DoD smart card authentication for networked MFPs

About the SIPRNet Token Smart Card Authentication Solution

This solution adds another level of security to government document management. Insert your government-issued, SIPRNet-enabled identity smart card into a card reader, and enter your authentication PIN to print, copy, scan or fax from a multifunction printer (MFP) connected to the SIPRNet computer network.


  • Provide evidence of an individual's identity, helping to thwart unauthorized access, retrieval, capture or copying of sensitive documents and data when using MFPs.

Major Applications

Smart card authentication technology identifies users — including federal employees, contractors and vendors — before granting access to multifunction printer (MFP) functions. This helps safeguard government data in the document workflow.

Using the SIPRNet Token Smart Card Authentication Solution

Insert a SIPRNet-enabled smart identity card into card reader attached to the MFP.

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