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Bring information mobility to your forms and workflows with eform software

Speed up your business document workflow with

Paper workflows create bottlenecks and delays in information within your organization. Whether it travels by foot to another desk or courier through mail, it may take the information days to reach its destination. With eForms Manager form management software, information travels digitally so you can reduce information delays and bottlenecks. Built-in software triggers email alerts and notifications when a document has reached a new destination, so you can keep the information moving.


Digitize paper files and speed up approval processes

eForms Manager can optimize your required approval steps. Your sales orders, travel claims, purchase requisitions, offer letters, vacation requests and more can be routed to the appropriate approver, signed using an electronic signature and then sent on their way. You don't need to print, sign, scan and email to collect signatures. Forms are automatically optimized for the environment they appear in, whether it be a laptop, tablet or smartphone. And the software supports business requirements such as electronic signatures, automated routing, notifications and more.

Get transparency with your documents

Digital workflows allow for complete transparency and a full audit trail. With eForms Manager form management software, your information is indexed from the beginning so there is no need for scan and capture tools such as OCR engines or manual keying. A user can log in at any point in the process to see where a form is and who edited it last — helping reduce lost or compromised confidential information.

Eliminate paper workflows and expensive paper methods

eForms Manager can support your organization's green initiatives while lowering your operating costs. Reduce not only your dependency on paper and toner, but also the expensive organization and storage of paper forms. And replace the laborious task of paper workflows with document workflow solutions that digitally manages the process from start to finish.

Use in a variety of applications

Once implemented, the flexibility of eForms Manager form management software allows it to work in and thrive across a variety of different environments, including accounting, human resources, line-of-business applications and external-facing web forms. With the easy-to-use software, you can design digital e-forms and automate document workflows. Improve interaction and response times with customers, or accelerate internal processes with staff.

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