RICOH eForms Manager

Bring information mobility to your forms and workflows with eform software

Boost business agility with eForms

Eliminate many of the bottlenecks and delays of traditional paper workflows with Ricoh eForms Manager. Forms can be completed at a PC or on a screen anywhere and then “move” to their next destination at the click (or tap) of a button. Information stays secured and automation prompts reviews, approvals and other actions via alerts and notifications. Automated workflows and digital processes enable remote work, faster processes, and reduce manual tasks and paper handling.


  • Accelerate workflow completion by capturing data in an immediately usable format.
  • Dynamic workflow routing replaces labor-intensive forms.
  • Measure and improve productivity and processes with reporting.

Capture, communicate and move information fast

Basic web forms, PDF submissions, or documents sent by email rely on manual processes. Maybe they′re not paper, but they often cause bottlenecks and version control challenges. With eForms Manager:

  • Workflows, data and approvals can be optimized and dynamically routed.
  • Automatic reminders and escalations can occur per defined business rules.
  • During the process, you can also validate, populate, and calculate based on the information supplied, for further efficiency gains.

See your processes at work with monitoring and reporting

Built-in reporting shows you where tasks are in process and captures data to reveal process efficiency, guiding optimization of workflows and processes. Detailed records of every workflow transaction provide a full audit, exposing bottlenecks. You and your team will have less stress as data will help you to make process improvements to existing workflows or design new ones.

Make the most of your data with integrations

Take advantage of existing databases to auto-populate fields and also validate form areas or change form content altogether based on the available facts. Integrations streamline data efficiency and keep your data secured, enabling you to serve your customers more effectively, from anywhere.

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