Simplify the process and expense of data management and compliance.

Get a SaaS-based solution that ensures compliance with information governance regulations.

The surge in public record requests, privacy laws and demands for legal hold have made data governance a critical business routine across all public and private sectors. To keep your organization above the line, you need intelligent tools and a customized approach. That's where the power of OpenAxes and the experience of Ricoh come in. This robust SaaS-based solution supports information governance, and provides a secured platform for automated data identification, retrieval and management.


  • Stay ahead of compliance and data privacy regulations to reduce your risk amidst an ever-changing landscape.
  • Efficiently respond to Public Record Requests and eliminate manual processes with automation for simple, fast data discovery.
  • Gain greater insight to identify relevant evidence and remove the need for expensive consultants.

Public Record Requests are an increasing reality

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has made demands for PRR more prevalent. If your company is not equipped with the proper tools to respond in a timely manner, the requests will pile up and backlogs will happen. These can lead to public record lawsuits from watch groups, news organizations and everyday citizens. OpenAxes allows organizations to eliminate manual processes and efficiently respond to PRR with automation for simple and fast data discovery.

Privacy and data compliance laws have become more complex

GDPR, CPPA and HIPAA regulations are forcing companies and public institutions to overhaul how they collect, store and share data. OpenAxes addresses non-compliance and supports the proper management of data, including encryption, archiving, redacting and setting restriction/ownership permissions that limit access. The solution also provides streamlined reporting and saves time spent on data compliance, with easy-to-maintain workflows.

Legal holds and litigation are costly and impact progress

Millions of dollars are being spent by organizations on discovery and litigation for unwieldy lawsuits. OpenAxes diminishes the need for additional resources while increasing your control with automated systems, allowing you to conduct discovery in-house. Keyword, metadata and custodian-based searches enable you to target specific information. Gain deeper insights, reduce the need for expensive external consultants and fast-track the identification of relevant evidence.

Backed by the support of a trusted team

Ricoh’s Professional Services team will work with you to fine-tune and tailor OpenAxes to meet your specific needs for today and the future. Tap into our experts to stay compliant with the fast-changing landscape of data regulation, Public Record Requests and legal holds. We can help you fast-track backlogs, gain efficiencies and reduce weeks of work to hours*.

* Based on results from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office engagement with Ricoh.