Kofax TotalAgility® (KTA)

The single business process management platform for smart process applications

About Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) Business Process Management Software Suite

TotalAgility is an integrated Business Process Management (BPM) software suite delivering process design, execution, monitoring and optimization power through two user interfaces: the TotalAgility Builder and the TotalAgility Workspace. All functionality is accessible seamlessly across these two environments providing one coherent tool for managing your complete business process solution.

TotalAgility incorporates multi-channel capture for batch or transaction based capture applications across centralized and distributed sites—as well as at the Point of Origination—when and where customer facing interactions occur—eliminating the need to integrate disparate capture products.~ TotalAgility dramatically simplifies the First Mile™ of information-intensive customer interactions. In doing so, it enables you to significantly increase responsiveness to customers and improve service levels while simultaneously reducing operating costs. The result is a significant competitive advantage—and a way to better manage and grow your business.~ Today's customers require ease-of-use, self-service, fast response times, collaboration and process visibility—from any device, anywhere. However, information-intensive interactions such as filing a claim, applying for a mortgage or patient admissions are still often labor intensive, slow and prone to error. This is because the backbone systems that run most businesses—systems of record such as ERP, ECM and CRM—were designed to run a business efficiently, but never intended to provide a high level of interactive self-service, speed, awareness, collaboration and adaptability.~ Smart process applications (SPAs) are a new category of software designed to support business activities that are people intensive, highly variable, loosely structured and subject to frequent change. They provide an essential link between systems of record and systems of engagement, or the ways in which customers interact with an organization. These systems of engagement include face-to-face interactions in branch offices, web portals, mobile apps and social media.~ However, developing SPAs requires acquiring, integrating, deploying and administering different capture, business process management, dynamic case management, mobile, analytics, and data integration software. Because of this, SPAs are typically difficult, costly and labor-intensive to implement. Not any longer.


  • Unified business process management platform in the cloud

Major Applications

Financial Services
Customer onboarding or account openings, investment account transfers, mortgage and loan applications, capture of trailing documents.


Best practices dashboard library. Organizations get a unified view of their entire operation, while also delivering the ability to quickly drill into the details of individual tasks managed by their TotalAgility environment.

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