BCC Bulk Mailer®

Ensure the lowest postal rates possible while simplifying mail processing and increasing mail deliverability

About Quadient® Bulk Mailer® Software

The Standard, Professional and Business editions of Bulk Mailer®, which all offer optional add-on capabilities, allow companies and mailing operations of all sizes to streamline the entire mail process and comply with USPS requirements. The wizard-based processes, reusable templates, generous record limits, list cleansing, sortation, mail piece tracking and other features help you improve mail quality, accuracy and customer experience.


  • Standardize and correct addresses, which enables sorting for the lowest postage rates.
  • Improve accuracy and peace of mind by generating and submitting all required USPS documentation electronically.
  • View data about your mailings and vendors that helps you make decisions based on near-real-time data and analytics.

Simplify mailings with data management and sortation

Using Bulk Mailer®, you can improve address accuracy — the starting point of cost-effective, efficient mailings. Included and optional capabilities vary by edition, but all editions provide:

  • CASS Certified™: standardizes abbreviations and formats to USPS guidelines, corrects the spelling of streets and cities, verifies mail deliverability and includes DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ processing. It also adds missing postal data including nine-digit ZIP® codes, eLOT® and carrier route numbers, delivery points and more.
  • PAVE™ Gold certified: presorts First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail® and Periodical address lists for the lowest possible postal rates and generates USPS documentation, reports and postage statements.
  • Duplicate management: cleanses lists using the search options and field combinations you define.

Manage postal regulations easily

Creating USPS documentation manually is labor intensive, and mistakes can be costly. Instead, let Bulk Mailer® produce all required documents including the Qualification report, USPS Form 3553, postage statements and barcoded sack and tray labels. The software eases communications with the USPS by submitting forms electronically through Mail.XML. The Business and Professional editions of Bulk Mailer® allow you to generate Mail.dat.

Make campaign and mailing decisions based on analytics

Providing an excellent customer experience is a lot easier when you know where each mail piece is in the delivery process. The optional EasyTrack Mail Delivery Tracking Service allows you to view your mail as it moves through the USPS and act accordingly. For example, send emails or texts with “check your mailbox” messages. With visibility and reports, you and your team can keep improving outcomes:

  • Increase the accuracy of delivery dates — especially important for multiple mailings.
  • Leverage USPS Informed Visibility®, which provides near-real-time scan data to enable piece-level analysis.
  • Bring your vendors into the loop with a customized, branded EasyTrack interface that enables you to monitor their performance and resolve issues proactively.

Expedite mail tasks with versatile output options

From campaign concept through printing, Bulk Mailer® saves time, starting with the integrated graphical mail piece designer. Custom address printer support improves asset utilization because you can take advantage of device-specific features: Intelligent Mail® barcoding, optional endorsement line, fonts, images and more. Speed through other mail preparation steps:

  • Import and export files using intelligent field mapping that suggests matches. View and edit records so you can add, validate and update individual records.
  • Target mailings by defining criteria and sort options that allow you to work with a list subset.

Accelerate mass mailing ROI

Accurate, reliable implementation puts new software into production sooner. Our postal and data quality specialists follow standards-based processes for integrating and customizing Bulk Mailer® to minimize disruption and delays. We’ll help you decide which edition and optional features are right for your operation, train your staff and provide ongoing support.