Quadient Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS)

Enhance mail piece integrity and security with tracking, reprinting and verification capabilities

About Quadient Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) Software

AIMS software provides real-time information about mail pieces as they are processed. It works with Quadient folder inserters and Neopost® Integrated Mail Operating System (IMOS), which records the progress of each mail piece and transfers statistical data to AIMS. The AIMS solution, which includes a SQL database server and browser-based application, provides piece-level verification to support regulatory compliance. Licensing depends on the number of connected inserters.


  • Ensure the integrity of sensitive business communications with mail piece monitoring, tracking and management capabilities.
  • Gain visibility of jobs, operators and inserters to help you run your mail center more efficiently and confidently.
  • Enable ongoing improvement by analyzing historical performance data that you can view on screen or print as graphs and charts.

Increase productivity with a single point of control

View and manage print jobs using the dynamic dashboard, which displays events in one mail center or in multiple networked locations. Increase efficiency by monitoring day-to-day folder inserter output or historical summary data — and more:

  • Configure views to show the status of individual inserters and jobs or your mail center as a whole.
  • Analyze operator activity including mail piece output, uptime, downtime and errors.
  • Compare job, operator and system performance across various time periods or focus on metrics including throughput and run times.
  • Respond immediately to customer inquiries when data is shared with service systems.
  • Capture dashboard data in statistical reports for detailed analysis and generate reports that you can view or print in tabular and graphical formats.

Achieve closed-loop mail piece verification

Decrease the risk of incomplete jobs that may trigger penalties and jeopardize customer relationships. AIMS updates data continuously and identifies missing, duplicate or unmatched documents. The software creates reprint files as necessary and verifies that replacement documents are processed. The verification step confirms that you’re meeting compliance requirements and tightens security. Completed job files move to the output management software that creates the data file and applies barcodes.

Automate to improve accuracy and accountability

Invest confidently in AIMS because you can choose the solution that most closely matches your requirements:

  • AIMS-100 (Audit Trail) is ideal for mail centers in which closed-loop verification is not required. Generate job files on the fly as inserters are running to enable traceability of each document that's processed. Update hand-mailed items and remove damaged items.
  • AIMS-500 (Closed-Loop Verification) offers a complete, integrated closed-loop solution when combined with output management software, and it provides Audit Trail as needed. View your documents and ensure integrity with automated database creation and reprint capability.
  • AIMS-1000 (External Loop) includes an interface-mapping module, which allows it to communicate with nearly any automated document factory (ADF). Import files, convert them for use within AIMS and export them in their original formats after processing. AIMS-1000 is not required for a Ricoh-based ADF.

Modernize your mail management software and workflows

Installing AIMS and tuning it yourself can distract you from revenue-generating activities. Our postal and data quality specialists follow standards-based processes for integrating and customizing your solution with minimal disruption. Accurate, reliable implementation puts new software into production sooner, accelerating your ability to reduce errors, process jobs efficiently and accept new work confidently.