BCC Data Quality & Postal Solutions

Increase production print mail workflow efficiency and maximize postal discounts

About BCC Data Quality & Postal Solutions

The BCC Mail Manager Suite offers three levels of postal software solutions suitable for low-, medium- and high-volume mailers. All are USPS CASS™- and PAVE™-certified to ensure compliance with the latest USPS regulations and postal discounts. The user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows enable your operators to work efficiently and accurately. Optional modules expand your mail preparation and mail management capabilities.


  • Maximize postal discounts using the integrated data hygiene services and presorting capabilities.
  • Improve customer experience by providing details about campaign/mail status and ROI.
  • Protect your investment because you can start small and upgrade when you're ready.

Keep costs low for mailers with low volumes

With BCC Mail Manager LE, small mailers or those that have occasional mailings can prepare and send mail efficiently and cost effectively. The software enables you to import diverse file types, cleanse addresses and more:

  • Presort mail for entry into the USPS mail stream.
  • Prepare documentation for each mailing according to USPS requirements.
  • Receive bi-monthly updates to ZIP+4, ® and LACS® data files.
  • Use the optional Track N Trace® to track mailings and deliver campaign metrics.

Stay up to date with compliance

Customer requirements and regulations can change quickly. Your postal software needs to adapt just as swiftly, or suddenly you’re not competitive. BCC Mail Manager offers regular updates for compliance, a comprehensive Intelligent Mail® solution and numerous options — all in addition to:

  • Templates and tools for deduping and list management
  • Support for First Class, Standard and Periodical Mail, and most preparation methods
  • A powerful label designer that produces multiple label formats
  • Integrated data marketing services such as DSF2®, suppression, rooftop geocoding and change of address
  • Generation of the required documentation to assure compliance and maximum discounts

Explore deluxe automation for high-volume environments

When postal software is good for your customers and good for your business, you know it’s a solid investment. BCC Mail Manager Full Service includes the latest innovations and optional automation tools that enhance speed, accuracy and savings for everyone involved:

  • 24/7 unattended processing — of either certain tasks or complete mailing jobs
  • Enhanced merge/purge function for deduping that supports householding and target marketing
  • Direct access to data marketing services such as NCOALink® and DSF2®, which eliminates the need for third parties
  • A proprietary address-matching API that accelerates processing speed Generation of container tags and pallet labels
  • Mail.dat file generation, which enables you to participate in the PostalOne!® program

Engage our expert print mail consultants

Installing postal software yourself can take time away from jobs and customers. Our postal and data quality specialists can come in and do what they do best: getting your solution up and running quickly and accurately. They’re also integration and automation experts who can provide APIs, complementary products and recommendations.