RICOH TotalFlow® BatchBuilder

Streamline production print ticketing, scheduling, batching, routing and finishing

About RICOH TotalFlow® BatchBuilder Output Management Software

TotalFlow® BatchBuilder simplifies and automates the production of short-run digital jobs for all types of midsize-to-large commercial print providers and in-plants. After you install the print production software, you can set up rules to organize and batch incoming jobs. Using up to 100 job-specific attributes, jobs that are similar will be printed and finished together, thereby streamlining ticketing, scheduling, routing and other tasks.


  • Improve productivity with the ability to schedule, batch and sort jobs according to user-defined criteria.
  • Lower cost by reducing labor requirements, mistakes, rework and wasted consumables.
  • Increase capacity to accept new customers and jobs by automating manual steps.

Improve print profitability by decreasing manual touches

One-offs and short print runs require costly hands-on effort to manage, making it difficult to turn a profit. If your MIS, ERP, web-to-print (W2P) and prepress systems operate independently, you may lose more time re-entering data or duplicating tasks. TotalFlow® BatchBuilder reduces labor costs by:

  • Consolidating jobs from disparate systems and interpreting attributes defined in PDF, XML, JDF or CSV.
  • Using those job attributes to organize work for optimum production efficiency.
  • Mapping job ticket, delivery data and page counts to batch work to fill a roll, or otherwise streamline production.
  • Allowing you to control jobs using an intuitive, web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that offers either a dashboard view or filter/batch view.

Manage jobs easily with a 360-degree view

With TotalFlow® BatchBuilder print output manager, all job-related information is available to management and operations. Log in from anywhere, submit jobs manually if you like, track jobs via barcodes, view jobs based on specific job properties or fields you define, and more:

  • Download, view and open PDFs with the PDF Viewer, which allows you to zoom, pan, navigate, measure and more.
  • Set notifications so they are displayed in the GUI or emailed to help you resolve errors and issues quickly. The optional Notify Add On feature lets you receive print status updates directly from your devices.
  • Manage your resources efficiently by obtaining estimates of the time and media requirements for particular batches.
  • Update accounting and dashboards easily in a single view, if you use RICOH ProcessDirector and the optional List File feature.

Keep jobs flowing based on scenarios

Let TotalFlow® BatchBuilder run with scenario scheduling so you don't have to prioritize and oversee jobs manually. It filters jobs based on the attributes you select, and after batches are created, you can control how and when to route them — including separating and reuniting covers and pages. It’s also easy to add jobs to and delete jobs from any batch. Other capabilities include:

  • Set filters using standard or custom attributes such as document size, media size and finishing requirements.
  • Rely on integrated workflows to send job components through their separate processes while maintaining order integrity.
  • Send jobs to up to five cutsheet and/or continuous feed devices via PDF with the base software, or add the optional Unlimited Outputs feature and optional XML/JDF Output feature to increase flexibility.

Maximize commercial print productivity and customer satisfaction

No matter what you’re printing — sales/marketing materials, books, manuals or other items — efficiency is the path to profitibility. With these and other TotalFlow® BatchBuilder output manager capabilities, you can group jobs in the way that’s best for your shop and your deadlines:

  • Automate reprints by scanning barcodes or entering an order number, with the ability to change settings on the fly.
  • Apply the optional Automation feature to automate batch creation using numerous attributes.
  • Ensure business continuity by backing up your work for both testing and disaster recovery purposes (with the optional Restricted Use Backup feature).

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Software Support Handbook

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Operating System
Windows® 7 (SP1) Professional, Enterprise
Windows 8 Professional
Windows Server 2008 (SP2) Standard, Enterprise
Windows Server 2012 Standard
Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10 or higher
Quad core processor 2.7 GHz or higher
Main memory
8 GB RAM hard disk
500 GB of available space is recommended for the initial installation; depending on usage, up to 1 TB. An SSD-type hard disk is recommended for better performance.
1280 X 1024 pixels or higher
Web browser
Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer 10 or later (does not run on Windows XP), Mozilla Firefox 19 or later, Google Chrome 21 or later, Safari 5 or later, Microsoft Edge

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