RICOH InfoPrint XT

Migrate legacy Xerox® applications to an open, flexible architecture

About Ricoh InfoPrint XT Datastream Transform Software

Proprietary Xerox® datastreams like LCDS and Metacode, along with aging Xerox printers, limit your options for using and managing information. InfoPrint XT frees your data by converting Xerox resources and commands into the open, industry-standard Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) architecture. You don’t need to change your original Xerox data or keep a programmer on staff who knows the Xerox proprietary coding language. After you migrate legacy Xerox applications to AFP, you can access, use and share your information easily— just like thousands of other companies, including some of the world’s largest.


  • Increase print production efficiency by enabling single datastream application printing in a multi-vendor print environment.
  • Improve document integrity by utilizing high-speed AFP™ and IPDS™ cutsheet and continuous feed devices and page-level error recovery capabilities.
  • Enhance business communications and marketing campaigns with personalization, full color and DBCS support.

Migrate legacy Xerox applications so you can manage information effortlessly

When your data is locked up in LCDS and Metacode, you can use only a single color highlight, and changing colors is complicated. To print the data, you must have an aging Xerox printer. InfoPrint XT resource conversion program migrates information to AFP automatically, enabling you to:

  • Simplify print operations by using a single datastream for workgroup, continuous feed and cutsheet printers from any vendor.
  • Modify existing Xerox control resources with the included JSL compiler, so you can eliminate the need to keep a Xerox print device.
  • Increase job integrity with page-level error recovery capabilities when you use printers compatible with AFP and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™). People don't need to track down and fix errors manually.
  • Expand information delivery options and give recipients a choice: print, fax, mobile or online.

Modernize your business communications

AFP provides the tools you need to improve document appearance and increase the effectiveness of communications and marketing campaigns. In addition to personalizing marketing messages, you can:

  • Print Xerox highlight color applications on full-color digital presses like the RICOH Pro C7200 Series or RICOH Pro C9200 Series.
  • Use multiple colors on a page or throughout a document, and print text in solid colors or shades.
  • Gain DBCS support to print Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese for most applications.

Streamline printing to minimize downtime and delays

InfoPrint XT installs easily in your environment, but proprietary formats sometimes need a little finessing to reveal their secrets. We’ll help you fine-tune the solution so it’s just right for you and your applications, allowing you to expedite information delivery:

  • Store AFP resources centrally on InfoPrint Manager or RICOH ProcessDirector servers.
  • Re-purpose existing printer instructions on the fly. Based on the way InfoPrint XT interprets certain numeric media types, you can match original Xerox tray pull information with media types associated with a variety of target printers.
  • Store and consolidate color samples in a single, easy-to-access resource samples directory.
  • Download and print mainframe Xerox jobs via InfoPrint Manager or RICOH ProcessDirector using PSF for z/OS® and the AFP Download feature of PSF.
  • Prevent jobs from stopping needlessly by controlling the return code that InfoPrint XT generates when it issues warning messages.

Transform Xerox resources rapidly and accurately

Migrate legacy Xerox applications into the AFP format with no loss of fidelity. You'll receive support for monochrome and highlight color forms, carriage control codes and inline DJDEs, in addition to resource groups to manage Xerox resources in sets. Accomplish other tasks at high speed:

  • Convert printable resources, such as FNTs, FRMs, IMGs and LGOs, to AFP fonts, overlays and page segments.
  • Produce printable/viewable samples of AFP overlays converted from Xerox FRMs to permit FRM/overlay proofing for quality assurance purposes.
  • Reformat print environment control resources, such as JDLs, CMEs, PDEs, STKs and so on, for use in datastream conversions.
  • Reformat source format files, such as JSLs, FSLs, ISLs and CMDs, to readable text files.

Gain comprehensive convert-and-report capabilities

InfoPrint XT performs data migration with a datastream converter that provides both conversion and reporting functions to:

  • Read LCDS or Metacode input datastreams.
  • Access converted Xerox resources.
  • Apply DJDEs and Logical Processors to datastreams.
  • Write fully composed AFP output.
  • Write optional DJDE reports.

Automate more of your operation to improve efficiency

Speed throughput and shorten turnaround times with complementary software. InfoPrint Manager allows you to control printers, queues and jobs located anywhere on a network. ProcessDirector automates processes, eliminates manual touch points that increase labor costs, provides a drag-and-drop approach to workflow creation and simplifies compliance. Both products can be managed from a single GUI, and they help you track output costs because accounting information is recorded for every job.

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