RICOH InfoPrint Font Collection

Improve document readability and print in 50+ languages using commercial printing fonts

About InfoPrint Font Collection commercial printing font software

Bolster your local and global communication efforts with a production print font collection that consists of character sets and Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) code pages. The collection provides a basic set of printing fonts in three technologies that you can use while creating AFP applications: AFP raster fonts in 240 dpi and 300 dpi, AFP outline fonts, and WorldType (TrueType/OpenType) fonts. Six new Extended xB Chinese fonts have been added to enhance the range of graphic capabilities for the current Chinese fonts.


  • Enhance the readability of documents and books by creating AFP applications in popular typefaces found in Microsoft® and Apple® applications.
  • Support globalization of AFP™ applications in multiple languages using a single font.
  • Improve document appearance by increasing print quality on high-resolution printers.

Tap the power of an AFP font collection to engage readers

When you use professional printing fonts to control document appearance, you can express a style and tone, draw attention to specific items and create emphasis — all of which help to get your message across by improving readability. After your documents appear the way you want, take another vital communication step. Print the documents in more than 50 languages using familiar typefaces such as Helvetica, Times New Roman and Courier.

Count on swift, transparent font management

InfoPrint Font Collection professional print fonts are installed on the server(s) on which your AFP jobs will be printed. When the system encounters a font reference during the processing of a print job, it accesses the appropriate font libraries. If the fonts are not already resident on or active in the printer, they will be downloaded to ensure they are available.

Also, keep in mind that many document composition products access font libraries in order to obtain the correct metrics or spacing for the fonts on the page. Knowing this, you can better control the layout and effect of your documents.

Make the most of your production print investments

Our print font collection speaks your printer’s language, increasing your output flexibility. Continue to use applications that specify raster fonts and the low-resolution printers that use raster fonts. Or, replace raster fonts with AFP or TrueType/OpenType outline fonts so you can produce higher quality documents on high-resolution printers. Compatible software such as InfoPrint Manager and RICOH ProcessDirector can automatically substitute higher-resolution versions of fonts when they detect a 600 dpi or 1200 dpi printer capable of handling the fonts.


Minimum Hardware Requirements
IBM® System p or x servers capable of running InfoPrint Manager or RICOH ProcessDirector.
Software Requirements
InfoPrint Font Collection can be installed and used on any AIX ®, Windows® or Linux® system platform supported by current releases of InfoPrint Manager and RICOH ProcessDirector.
InfoPrint Font Collection offers:
A way to help you create Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) applications in the same popular typefaces found in Microsoft®, Apple® and other presentation environments:
Globalization of AFP applications in multiple languages using a single font
A set of AFP fonts that are consistent with those used in legacy AFP applications
A basic set of fonts in three technologies that can be used in creating AFP applications:
AFP raster fonts in 240 and 300 dots per inch
AFP outline fonts
WorldType font, including
WorldType Sans
WorldType SansDuo
WorldType Serif
WorldType SerifDuo
WorldType font locales for printing in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Southeast Asia
A resource access table (RAT) for printing with OpenType fonts in AFP systems

Language standard support for GB18030, JIS X 0213:2004, HKSCS:2004 and HKSCS:2008

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