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Centralize and simplify fleet management

Centralize your printer fleet management and automatically get the critical information you need — including usage, service and supply needs, meter reads, power consumption and more. @Remote centralized print management system helps you control printing costs, expedite repairs, encourage environmentally friendly behaviors and more efficiently reconfigure your MFPs.

Maintain and monitor your Ricoh devices proactively

The moment your multifunction printers (MFPs) and laser printers stop working, information stops flowing — and your productivity suffers. Learn more about your fleet, so you can make informed decisions and keep your business running without costly interruptions.

Available in three configurations for any business size, RICOH @Remote:

  • Enables automated meter reads, helping you reduce errors and get more accurate billing and chargebacks.

  • Uses printer monitoring to measure device activity and generate reports to identify problem areas and solutions.

  • Provides information on how your devices are being used, helping you make right sizing and environmental decisions.

  • Notifies you when it's time to reorder supplies.

  • Sends automated maintenance alerts to your service provider to speed up repairs.

@Remote Embedded

This small-fleet maintenance option takes advantage of the functionality already in place on your networked printers and MFPs. Use built-in @Remote software on compatible MFPs and laser printers to automate many tasks, so you can focus on your core business responsibilities. 

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@Remote Connector NX

Easily monitor and manage a large fleet of up to 5,000 Ricoh and third-party devices. @Remote Connector NX is available as a standalone software solution or as a licensed option via Streamline NX. To help ensure optimal fleet performance, you can collect and provide device meter readings on a predefined schedule, communicate critical and timely service alerts, and send low ink-level notifications directly to the service provider.

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  1. *Note: The ability to deliver select @Remote services is in part dependent upon the service provider.
  2. *Dealer Customers: Please contact your authorized Ricoh Dealer to learn more about @Remote.