Cyber attack strategies - password security

White paper: Cyber Attacks – 5 strategies to protect your healthcare organization

Cyber security for healthcare

5 strategies that protect against cyber threats

Healthcare organizations are top targets for cyber attacks – especially ransomware attacks.

The reason is simple. Patient data is so vital that a compromised organization has few choices but to find the fastest route to regaining access to that data.  

And the financial impact and losses aren’t even the most serious consequence. Cyber attacks can turn deadly when patient care suffers due to downtime.

In this white paper, we review the increasing severity of the situation and then share 5 strategies you can implement to improve your healthcare cybersecurity position. For example, you’ll see:

  • Which elements of care were most impacted by cyber attacks according to a September 2021 Ponemon study.
  • Why ransomware isn’t the only cyber threat.
  • How to look beyond IT best practices to keep your data safe and secured.
  • Simple steps to get started protecting your organization.

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