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Webinar: The M-19-21 Directive deadline is approaching:
Are you prepared?

A conversation with John Shaw on the approaching deadline facing
federal agencies.

On demand webinar

Discover how to meet the M-19-21 Directive deadline.

The M-19-21 Directive states that all federal agencies must convert their analog and paper records to electronic records by 2022. Industry-leading consultant John Shaw along with Ricoh experts discuss how to prepare and start the transition process now.

Failure to meet the directive presents serious liabilities that may include potential legal consequences for non-compliance with FOIA requests, an inability to archive paper records with NARA as of December 31, 2022, and difficulties passing audit reviews.

In this webinar, you will hear what agencies can do to meet the M-19-21 directive standards. The benefits of digitization will also be discussed, including how it:

  • Improves the customer experience
  • Saves millions of taxpayer dollars
  • Eliminates thousands of hours of manual record-keeping
  • Reduces security vulnerabilities

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