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Webinar: Secured work wherever, whenever with Microsoft 365

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As employees work, connect, and collaborate from anywhere, they – and the company information they are working with – are becoming exposed to new points of vulnerability. 

It is a big challenge that comes with enabling flexible, hybrid workstyles.

So, how can company leaders keep their business and employees secured?

They must take a Zero Trust approach to protecting their employees and information.

We’ve brought together two industry experts for this webinar to explain. They will also share what businesses must do, how to do it, and one of the most complete solutions used by SMBs and enterprises alike to achieve secured communication and collaboration: Microsoft 365.

In this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • Why extreme flexibility and hybrid work define the workplace today - and will well into the future.
  • What Zero Trust means.
  • Why you must adopt a Zero Trust approach.
  • Strategies to empower your remote and hybrid workers.
  • How Microsoft 365 can address the biggest challenges facing businesses of all sizes and delivers the security a Zero Trust approach requires.


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