Healthcare end manual processing webinar

Webinar: The End of Manual Payer Provider Correspondence Processing

See how automation can help your organization

Even with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), healthcare providers rely heavily on manual processes for insurance claims submission and follow up. The volume and variety of documents puts a strain on time, budgets, and impacts revenue and cash flow.

Ricoh’s newest solution, Patient Information Management Services, helps automate the process.

Join Ricoh and InterSystems on their webinar "The End of Manual Processing of Payer Provider Correspondence" to hear how a large academic medical center used the solution to reduce processing time of insurance correspondence from 20 minutes to 5 minutes per record and reduce their correspondence backlog from 2 weeks to just 2 days.

This webinar will also cover:

  • Many of the existing challenges with managing patient and insurance correspondence
  • Share voice of customer input related to moving staff to remote or hybrid work environments
  • How to build a solution that can automate patient workflow using standards such as HL7 and can integrate into the EHR & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) workflow
  • Ways to quantify impacts and benefits of an automated patient information workflow

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