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Philadelphia Eagles tackle information management

Philadelphia Eagles President Don Smolenski gives a sneak peek at the operational side of the business, discussing the importance of teamwork on-and-off the field and their partnership with Ricoh. Highlights include the role of print in their organization and its part in their sustainability initiatives, as well as the importance of document security.

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While football is unquestionably the “main thing”, hear Philadelphia Eagles President Don Smolenski talk about how the entire organization plays a role in helping the team be successful on and off the field.

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Employee Experience

Philadelphia Eagles President Don Smolenski discusses the important of “work life harmony” and the organization’s role in providing tools for their employees to maximize efficiency and achieve success.

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Role of Print

Philadelphia Eagles President Don Smolenski discusses the role of print within the organization and how it helps enhance communication on gamedays with fans, employees and members of the media.

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Hear how the Philadelphia Eagles have made sustainability a fabric of their culture that’s driven by every employee in the organization, and how the team partners with Ricoh to achieve their goals.

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Learn how Ricoh empowers the Philadelphia Eagles organization to work smarter by bringing creative ideas and solutions to help the team operate more effectively in their fast-paced environment.