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Help keep manufacturing data &​​​​​​​ proprietary information safe, & make meeting compliance requirements easier


An effective information governance strategy goes beyond protecting your manufacturing data and reducing risks related to standard manufacturing compliance requirements. It increases trust and empowers your employees to better leverage your information assets — improving the speed and effectiveness of decision making.

Considering the variety of information assets specific to manufacturing — including assembly line schematics, product patents and robotic configurations — controlling where, how and by whom this data is accessed and shared is vital in helping to keep this information safe. Today, employees aren't always working on secured networks. This makes it necessary to find ways to help protect intellectual property when it travels. Whether your information is at rest, in transit or in use, digital rights management can mitigate risk by:

  • Disabling the ability to perform specific functions — such as screen sharing.
  • Reducing document functionality — such as disabling copy and paste.
  • Restricting viewing to specific users so that competitors can't see your proprietary documents if they happen to get the files.
  • Enabling single viewing, custom watermarks and auto-expiring files.

An effective information governance strategy should help provide peace of mind and confidence, and enable your employees and partners to draw new insights from your manufacturing data — leading to increased innovation and customer satisfaction.

Services and solutions

  • Information Governance Services

    Gain more control over proprietary manufacturing data and make addressing manufacturing compliance requirements easier by cleaning up unstructured data and targeting specific information assets for enhanced data protection.

  • Cloud & IT Services

    Free your IT staff to focus on strategic manufacturing initiatives by keeping manufacturing data and processes in the cloud, eliminating local servers, and letting our team handle help desk issues.

  • Consulting

    We can help you streamline processes, meet manufacturing compliance requirements, and put you on a digital transformation journey that aligns with your business strategy and provides insights that can lead to manufacturing innovations.

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