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Member Engagement


Members know you by how you handle applications, onboarding, welcome kits, ID cards, EOBs and so on. Improve these interactions, and you're likely to see enrollment and retention rates rise. Our solutions enable improvements in communications, response times and accuracy.

The quality of your member relationships is increasingly important as payer-provider integration continues and healthcare choices are more nuanced. Every contact with prospective and current members is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection and build goodwill. But it’s difficult to follow through on these opportunities when you rely on paper-based processes and unconnected systems.

Savvy consumers want to interact with you in whatever channel they prefer. They expect applications, forms and records to be easy for your employees to locate, discuss and act upon, and they prefer personalized communications to boilerplate that may or may not be relevant.

Our services and solutions help make your organization “easy to do business with." Begin your insurance digital transformation with Document Composition as a Service, which allows you to personalize communications and establish version controls and audit trails. Turn paper forms such as applications and contracts into editable e-forms with Forms Management Services. Implement omni-channel communication campaigns and e-billing solutions with Customer Communications Management & Mail Services.

Services & solutions

  • Document Composition as a Service

    Improve member experience with a "design once, use many" approach. Personalize communications, let members move among channels and manage their preferences.

  • Customer Communications Management & Mail Services

    Strengthen member relationships with cross-media marketing strategies, EBPP options that include mobile bill payment, and efficient inbound/outbound mail management.

  • Forms Management Services

    Save everyone time with e-forms. Turn paper applications, claims and contracts into editable PDFs with automated review and approval steps.                                                                                                                                                        

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