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See how remote work solutions deliver information and boost productivity.

Remote work requires a new approach to business operations. As many companies continue to discover, done right, efficiency and productivity increase. Read below to learn more or contact us for remote work solutions customized for your organization.

Sustain operations and increase employee engagement

Digital workflows enable a seamless transition between remote and in-office work.

Whether working at home or in an office, employees can more effectively get the job done with digital documents and workflows. The organization benefits through operational sustainability in any situation, meeting employee needs, and cost savings such as reduced office space needs for paper storage, plus:

  • Productivity monitoring

  • Complete audit trails for full transparency

  • HIPAA-compliant, secured environments

  • Increased efficiency as documents move at the speed of a click

  • Encryption of information to control access to PHI at all times

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Leverage automated routing to raise everyone’s efficiency

Empower employees with access to digital documents.

Automated routing moves information seamlessly and routes it to only the appropriate team or individual. Additional benefits to support the needs of healthcare organizations include:

  • Secured off-site exception handling for employees working from home

  • Delivering information to designated destination via automatic document recognition

  • Identifies actionable data for routing to appropriate teams or individuals for follow up and resolution

  • Manages information in all forms including fax, email, scanned images, etc…

  • Limits access only to appropriate parties

Use digital forms to reduce errors and costs

You’ll also make it possible to work from anywhere.

Advances in digital form technology makes it simple to replace paper forms with electronic versions. Patients and staff will enjoy the availability and convenience of always having the correct form ready for a signature, even in a telehealth environment. You will also see added benefits like:

  • Less time spent assembling and preparing forms

  • A reduction or elimination of costly pre-printed forms and labels

  • No more ordering and storing of paper forms

  • Being environmentally friendly through reduced paper use

Automated information capture and packet creation.

Take information beyond paper.

Automated capture makes it possible to gather information from multiple third-party systems, digitize the information and then combines all data sources together to create a packet of information that users can print, transmit electronically or scan – allowing staff to more effectively collaborate and share.

  • Print documents to approved destinations with only designated users able to retrieve

  • Control the sharing of information between systems and authorized personnel

  • Capture key data from documents and automatically input into any application

  • Reduce, even eliminate, the need to print hardcopy documents

  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all information delivered

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