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Patient Referrals Solution for Healthcare

Winner of the 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Clinical Efficiency Innovation 

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How to increase patient referrals?

For most healthcare organizations, the issue may not be increasing patient referrals. It may simply be keeping more of those they get. On average, two out of ten patients never get an appointment. Of the remaining eight, four suffer a poor patient experience due to missing records. 
To increase patient referrals – and keep more of those that you do get – you need to eliminate the potential areas of failure. Our Patient Referrals Solution can help you do just that.

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Compress workflows from days to hours…and keep more referrals.

Fax remains one of the most common ways to communicate healthcare information, including that for patient referrals. Legacy paper faxing, however, introduces many potential points of failure and, by extension, lost revenue. These include:
  • Wrong numbers
  • Paper jams
  • Low toner and poor print outs
  • Out-of-paper errors that delay delivery
  • Misplaced, lost or unattended documents
And these don’t address the time needed to manage paper, especially through a process. Fax automation removes these potential areas of failure and simplifies communication management, creating an accountable chain-of-custody for patient information throughout the process.
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Create a faster referral experience

By converting fax into digital documents, you make it possible to automatically route faxed referrals to those designated locations where they can be received and viewed by the appropriate staff, so you can respond more quickly. This connects with the patient quickly so you can get their appointment booked.
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Reduce administrative workload

A paperless, automated workflow eliminates repetitive tasks like scanning, filing, and retrieving documents. Employees can focus on communicating with the patient, enabling them to be more productive.

You’ll also see interoperability improve as you eliminate redundant scanning and printing activities with optional integrations into EHR and other backend systems like billing, management, and scheduling. 

Meet compliance requirements

Automated data extraction, indexing and patient matching routes documents to secured, rights-protected destinations. Only authorized personnel will have access to patient information (no more worrying about it lying around on the fax machine). Reporting and auditing capabilities deliver transparent accountability to meet compliance requirements and safeguard sensitive patient information.

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