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Customer Experience & Loyalty


How you communicate with customers every day—whether providing emerging support or timely and accurate billing—can weaken or strengthen their loyalty. To provide a positive and seamless experience, focus on harmonizing systems and data.

Energy and utility customers span residential, commercial and industrial sectors. While the needs of those segments will vary, one thing is consistent: you want to deliver a strong, positive customer experience. That includes consistent and personalized communications, effective education on safety measures, sustainability initiatives and energy conservation. Plus consistent messages across all channels.

Delivering that kind of customer experience—and building customer loyalty—can be challenging. That's especially true when working with disjointed business systems, information in different formats or limited in-house resources.

Ricoh can help.

Our experts can collaborate with you to identify the most pressing opportunities to tune up or create your customer communications and deliver necessary services and support. Through Customer Communications Management & Mail, we support you in developing, executing and delivering effective, personalized campaign messaging digitally or in hard copy—as well as enhancing the aesthetics and clarity of bills for retail energy customers. Our Enterprise Content Management & Workflow Services help you in streamlining the back-end systems and data that support customer communications.

Services and solutions

  • Customer Communications Management & Mail Services

    Working to improve customer experience? Our tailored solutions support consistent multi-channel messaging with streamlined reporting and analytics.

  • Enterprise Content Management & Workflow Services

    Delivering the right information to the right person at the right time starts with enterprise content management.

  • Consulting

    Get expert insights, fresh perspective and tailored recommendations for improving a variety of business processes.

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