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RICOH 3D for Healthcare

Experience the Ricoh difference in 3D printed anatomic modeling.

Improve patient experience with integrated, end-to-end, 3D medical modeling

Webinar: Hear direct from surgeons

Get surgeons' perpsectives on using 3D-printed medical models in this on demand webinar.

What if you could...

Show a patient a precise replica of their surgical area and pinpoint exactly where you’d be operating, to put them at ease and increase transparency.

With 3D medical modeling, clinicians can see inside anatomy for greater visibility into patient needs and patients can better understand their procedures, resulting in a better experience. Integration into existing digital workflows means anatomic 3D medical devices are now more accessible. Healthcare organizations, surgeons, medical schools and researchers will be empowered to:

  • Create 3D medical models without a large capital investment.

  • Adopt or expand Point of Care manufacturing of precision healthcare solutions.

Why RICOH 3D for Healthcare

Powerful 3D printed models for no or low upfront cost

Work with our offsite production facility for delivery within a week, or let us come to you as a Ricoh-staffed managed service at your point of care.

No added work for your team - we handle everything

Avoid the cost and headaches of implementing 3D printing technologies and the regulatory hurdles of setting up your own medical device production.

Direct ordering - no workflow disruptions

Order 3D printed models from your familiar radiology viewer. Our platform seamlessly connects with various viewers so you can maintain your current workflow.

High quality and accuracy are built into the process

Ricoh's biomedical engineers segment DICOM files to your specifications. Robust quality control processes ensure accuracy of the model.

A mix of materials and colors help identification

Get the tactility you need to practice cuts effectively. Use colors to highlight vascular structures and tissue, or to identify anomalies such as tumors.

FDA-cleared for 7 major anatomic regions

Our FDA 510(k) clearance allows us to produce patient-specific anatomic models for diagnostic use across most human anatomical regions.*

Streamline access to 3D printed anatomic models

Gain insight with 3D printed anatomic models

Transform the clinician and patient experience with precision 3D medical models used for:

  • Pre-surgical planning*

  • Patient education

  • Patient communication for complex cases/treatment

  • Patient informed consent to increase patient knowledge of treatment

  • Cadaver-free physician training

  • Anatomic simulation to practice new/rare approaches

Explore the benefits 3D printing in this infographic

Surgeon reviewing brain model

An end-to-end workflow

An end-to-end workflow from your facility to our ISO-13485 certified 3D medical manufacturing center ensures a quick turn-around. Providers can select from two options based on their preferred workstyles or needs. They can choose a point-of-care option, where a Ricoh Managed Services team works onsite at a healthcare facility to manage the entire process. Alternatively, healthcare providers can select an on-demand option where they order and have the models printed at a Ricoh facility and shipped directly to them.

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Two technicians wearing lab coats discussing plan

Point of Care 3D printing

Take your 3D printing capabilities to the next level. Learn how to evaluate 3D medical modeling options to drive growth and better experiences for your practice. Review considerations for setting up a point-of-care 3D print facility and how working with Ricoh can help simplify the process.

Find more ideas in this hospital's guide to 3D printing

Hands Removing Model

Interested in a proof-of-value model for your next challenging case?

3D insights and resources

Ricoh 3D anatomic models gain FDA 510(k) clearance
Ricoh 3D anatomic models gain FDA 510(k) clearanceArticles

Ricoh 3D anatomic models gain FDA 510(k) clearance

Ricoh’s FDA 510(k) clearance means healthcare providers don’t have to be experts in printing 3D models.

Moving additive manufacturing forward with confidence
Moving additive manufacturing forward with confidenceArticles

Moving additive manufacturing forward with confidence

In part three of our series we share how to overcome the barriers to additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

A new era of personalization: direct digital manufacturing
A new era of personalization: direct digital manufacturingArticles

A new era of personalization: direct digital manufacturing

Mass customization via direct digital manufacturing, including additive manufacturing or 3D printing, has arrived.

  1. *FDA-cleared medical device for diagnostic use within craniomaxillofacial (CMF), orthopedic, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and breast applications.
  2. Ricoh USA, Inc.'s terms and conditions for anatomic models will apply to any proof-of-value request. Ricoh USA, Inc. reserves the right to reject requests for proof-of-value models in its sole discretion.