Important Product Safety Information

RICOH IM 350F, IM 430F, IM 430Fb, IM 430FbTL, P 501, P 501TL, P 502

Ricoh Company, Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Ricoh”) would like to inform our valued customers that Ricoh has identified that there may be a potential product safety concern with a limited number of production runs of some black and white multifunction printers (RICOH IM 350F, IM 430F, IM 430Fb, and IM 430FbTL) and standalone printers (RICOH P 501, P 501TL, and P 502), launched on or after March 15, 2019. Specifically, the incorrect wiring of one of the harnesses used in the printer’s fusing unit may in some cases result in insufficient electrical insulation.  In such cases, if an affected product is not properly grounded (using the three-prong plug in a properly grounded three-prong outlet), touching the metallic surfaces of the product, or devices connected to it, may result in an electric shock.\

In order to ensure that our Customers can continue to use the products safely, Ricoh’s field technicians will be making site visits to replace the fusing unit at no charge.

In the meantime, using the information described below, we kindly ask that you check whether your product was manufactured in one of the affected productions runs, and if so, to contact us accordingly.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. We are dedicated to providing the high-quality products and services you expect from Ricoh. We appreciate your patience and ask for your continued support.

1) Affected products

  • RICOH IM 350F

  • RICOH IM 430F

  • RICOH IM 430Fb

  • RICOH IM 430FbTL

  • RICOH P 501

  • RICOH P 501TL

  • RICOH P 502

2) Affected production runs

Using the following method, please check whether or not your product is from an affected production run.

2. Check whether or not either of the following is visible on the fusing unit, behind the green handle: 

  • A circular, solid white label is affixed to the fusing unit, or

  • A circular, white mark is handwritten using a pen

3) Our requests

If the product you are using is found to be from an affected production run (i.e. does not have the marks mentioned in No.2 above), we ask that you kindly contact us at the number below so that we may replace your fusing unit at no charge. We will dispatch field technicians to complete the replacements as we hear from you. We are proactively contacting customers, however we also ask for your help to ensure we can access any affected products as quickly as possible.

Until the visit is made, if you have an affected printer, please use it only after you have confirmed that the electrical systems in your building/facility are properly grounded. (Note: We advise to always use the three-prong plug and a properly grounded three-prong outlet, and to follow all safety information provided in the user manual.)

Please discontinue use immediately and contact the number below if:

  • You are not sure whether your building/facility is properly grounded or this cannot be achieved

  • You notice any smoke or unusual odors and/or sounds during use

  • A circuit breaker is tripped during use

4) Contact

If the product you are using is found to be from an affected production run, or should you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact us at the following number during business hours.

Phone: 833-269-0527

Business hours: 8 AM – 8 PM (Monday-Friday, Eastern)

5) Handling of personal information

  1. Personal information (e.g. your name, address etc,) provided during this process will only be used in connection with inquiries, free of charge maintenance work, and follow-up actions related exclusively to the above matter.

  2. The above mentioned personal information will be protected and managed under appropriate safety measures, and will never be disclosed or provided to a third party without our Customer’s consent, unless required by applicable laws and regulations.

  3. Once the corrective action described above has been taken and the period of data retention expires, any personal information will be deleted.