Important Product Safety Information

MP C2003, MP C2503, MP C3003, MP C3503, MP C4503, MP C5503, MP C6003 Series

Ricoh Company, Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Ricoh”) would like to inform customers that two isolated incidents of overheating have occurred on one model of the multifunction color printer series (listed above) manufactured prior to May 2014. Ricoh immediately took steps and after a thorough investigation, determined that, in very rare cases, certain internal electrical components are at risk of overheating and present a potential fire hazard.

While the incidents have only occurred on very rare occasions, Ricoh takes any potential product safety concern seriously and has already upgraded the vast majority of potentially affected models in the field in order to minimize the risk of any future incidents. We are issuing this notice in an effort to upgrade as many devices as possible. If you have an existing maintenance agreement for the affected model, the necessary fix should have already been completed on your device.

For customers using one of the remaining affected models that have not received the necessary fix and have not been contacted by a Ricoh representative, please contact a representative immediately at 866-456-7829 to schedule a service appointment for your device. The application of the required safety measures will be provided free of charge to all users of the affected model.

Ricoh would like to thank you for your understanding and convey our sincerest apologies. Our team is working extremely hard to minimize any impact this may have on our valued customers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

A)    Affected Models

The following procedure describes how to confirm whether your device is affected by checking the serial number on the website.

1. Check your machine serial number by following the procedure below.

How to identify the machine serial number

2. Click this link to open the serial number confirmation page.

3.    Enter your serial number in the form provided and click the arrow button.

4.    The status of your machine will be displayed as follows.

Your machine is not affected or has already received the necessary safety measures. No further action is required.

Your machine has not yet received the necessary safety measures. Please contact Ricoh via the number below.

B) Contact Information: Please call 833-269-0527