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Small and Mid-sized business solutions 

Of the many challenges you face, technology should not be one.

The right technology mix empowers business agility. You and your team can do more, compete with anyone. Growth accelerates as infrastructure scales to need. Workflows, collaboration, and data security become natural. Cost becomes investment. Our small and mid-sized business solutions empower you and your team to accomplish and achieve more – with less. As your partner, we help your business with the right technology, today and tomorrow.


Small & Medium Business Solutions


Small & Medium Business Solutions

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Enable work to happen everywhere


Stay connected with Microsoft 365® 

Expand your workplace. Work where you want, when you want, and how you want, knowing your work is secured, backed-up, and available. Keep your team connected and productive anywhere using any device with reliable communication and collaboration tools. 

Empower your business with comprehensive IT solutions


Build a digital workplace with flexible, scalable IT solutions

Transform IT from cost center to strategic advantage with solutions that enable you to work anywhere and compete with anyone. Whether you seek 24/7/365 support, advanced cybersecurity, website development, cloud hosting and more, we make IT work for you.
SMB IT solutions
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Boost productivity with automated document workflows

 Simplify how work gets done with DocuWare Cloud

 Work easier from anywhere. Enable your team to access,     use and share documents efficiently with centralized cloud   storage, secured automated workflows, and intelligent   document indexing and filing. 

Easily connect to your favorite cloud applications

Enable a hybrid work environment with RICOH Smart Integration platform

Connect physical and digital work streams by taking your multifunction printer from basic output device to an integrated business intelligence on-ramp. With no need for additional infrastructure, you’ll find driving collaboration, securing documents and simplifying workflows has never been easier.
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Drive productivity with advanced printer technology

Enhance work with RICOH IM C Series Intelligent Devices

Multifunction printer? Yes. Communication hub? Definitely. Beyond high-quality print and copy output, use intelligent integrations for a clear competitive edge as you send information to your team, file documents digitally, protect your data and more.

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