Type SR90 Staple Set

Type SR90

ID: 411476

  • Yield: 20000
  • Contents: 4 cartridges (5,000 staples each)

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For Use With:

Aficio 1050Aficio 1085
Aficio 1105Aficio 2090
Aficio 2105Aficio 3260C
Aficio 551Aficio 700
Aficio 850Aficio Color 5560
Aficio MP 1100Aficio MP 1350
Aficio MP 5500SPAficio MP 6000
Aficio MP 6001Aficio MP 6001SP
Aficio MP 6500SPAficio MP 7000
Aficio MP 7001Aficio MP 7001SP
Aficio MP 7500SPAficio MP 8000
Aficio MP 8000SPAficio MP 8001
Aficio MP 8001SPAficio MP 9000
Aficio MP 9001Aficio MP C6000
Aficio MP C6501SPMP 5500
MP 6000SPMP 6002
MP 6002SPMP 6500
MP 7000SPMP 7500
MP 7502MP 7502SP
MP 9001SPMP 9002
MP 9002SPMP C6502
MP C7500MP C7501SP
MP C8002
Pro 1106EXPro 1107EX
Pro 1356EXPro 1357EX
Pro 906EXPro 907EX
Pro C5100SPro C5110s
Pro C550EXPro C700EX
Pro C720Pro C720S
Pro C900Pro C900-C80
Pro C900E80Pro C900S
Pro C900SE80Pro C901
Pro C901GA+Pro C901S
Pro C901sGA+
Product TypeStaple
Contents of Package4 Ctgs; 5,000 Staples per Cartridge