RICOH Card Authentication Package and Enterprise Server

Simplify user authentication at the Multifunction Printer

Simplify user authentication at the Multifunction Printer

Card authentication brings user validation, device security and print/copy/scan/fax permissions together with the tap of a card. The RICOH Card Authentication Package (CAP) enhances the security of Ricoh Multifunction Printers and controls users’ access to specific functions. The optional CAP Enterprise Server is ideal for customers looking to implement the solution for a large number of users — making it easy to scale as your workforce changes.


  • Simplifies card validation and printer authentication with support for a wide range of proximity cards
  • Prevents unauthorized access to confidential information
  • Reduces printer output costs and waste with assigned permissions

Simplify authentication

RICOH Card Authentication Package (CAP) makes it easy and fast for users to authenticate and access networked Multifunction Printers. Because users can authenticate with a single card, there’s no need to remember an additional login and password. A wide range of proximity cards are supported — including HID®, HID® iClass, CASI-Rusco, Mifare® and NxtWtch. Once authenticated, valid card holders can perform print, copy, scan, fax, and/or document server functions according to their assigned permissions.

Enforce print policies

CAP’s web-based administration makes it easy to set printer privileges by individual users or by creating user groups. Print policies are tied to user cards and enforced upon authentication. Give full-color printing, high-volume output and versatile document distribution permissions to those that need it. Reduce unnecessary paper or toner use for those that don’t need it. Access is granted only to authorized users and only for features specified by administrators.

Increase accountability

CAP gives administrators the tools to track activity by individual users. With CAP and the Device Manager NX (DMNX) Accounting Package, you can track specific printer functions and specific documents down to the user level. Track printing, copying, scanning and outbound faxing to create a detailed analysis of all Multifunction Printer activities and usage. You can also create administrative and end-user reports that clearly identify where chargebacks should be directed.

Protect printed information

RICOH Card Authentication Package combines seamlessly with RICOH Enhanced Locked Print NX. Instead of print jobs being left in the output tray for anyone to grab, users can instead send jobs to a print queue and authenticate at the device when ready. They can then approach any enabled Multifunction Printer in the group to collect their print job.

Scale with CAP Enterprise Server

With the optional CAP Enterprise Server, you can easily scale the Card Authentication Package solution capability to all users in your organization. CAP Enterprise Server supports network authentication to validate registered users’ card credentials and provides centralized administration.



Card Authentication Package (Serverless):

Authentication Directory
Basic Multifunction Printer authentication, Microsoft® Active Directory or LDAPSupported Card Types

Proximity Card HID®, Casi-Rusco, Mifare®, HID® iClass, Indala® FlexCard®, NxtWtch and many others

Number of Users
Up to 2,000 users based on Multifunction Printer Model

Model Support
Most standard and Smart Operation Panels

Card Authentication Package Enterprise Server (CAP ES):

Server Operating System
Windows® Server 2012 Essentials
Windows® Server 2012 Standard/Datacenter
Windows® Server 2016 Essentials
Windows® Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter

Microsoft® SQL Standard/Express 2012
Microsoft® SQL Standard/Express 2014
Microsoft® SQL Standard/Express 2016
External Microsoft® SQL Database Supported

Authentication Directory
Basic Multifunction Printer authentication, Microsoft® Active Directory or LDAP

Network Authentication
NTLM, Kerberos, LDAP

Virtual Environment
Microsoft® Hyper V, VMWare® ESXi and vMotion™

Number of Users
Up to 50,000 users
*Card Authentication Package must be installed on all devices connecting to CAP ES