RICOH Content Manager

Entry level content management with audit trails for accountability

A smart place for your documents

Your digital information needs a secure place to reside — where it’s protected, where it can be found again by the right people and where the wrong people can’t get to it. RICOH Content Manager is a convenient cloud storage destination for your documents and files, but it also goes beyond simple file storage solutions. You get the necessary document management control and audit trails to handle content used by teams, departments or company functions.


  • Complements your Ricoh MFPs and provides a document repository in the cloud for scanned documents
  • Provides content access controls, audit trails for accountability and the ability to find files fast
  • Cloud-based document management solution — as easy as opening an account to get started

Are your files piling up on hard drives?

When you scan a document and convert information to a digital format, where does it go? There are many options — like email, a desktop folder, shared drives or a cloud storage account. Sooner or later, however, the issue evolves into something more than simply having enough space. The focus shifts to managing and protecting the information. A content management solution that’s easy to use does just that.

Digital processes need a smart file repository

When digital content is stored in a hierarchy of folders with contributions from multiple people, it’s only a matter of time before naming conventions and filing rules are broken — making it easy to lose important content. With RICOH Content Manager, your information can be more useful, easier to locate and more mobile. A smart, properly managed file repository not only knows where a file is, but also what kind of file it is, who added it and various attributes that will make for quick retrieval.

Everything you like about cloud storage services and more

RICOH Content Manager provides many advantages over other, widely used internet file-sharing solutions. Like other solutions, you can securely upload, store files and share access and links to content with others — but with RICOH Content Manager, you get true document management that’s also approachable. You don’t have to be a specialist to benefit from advanced capabilities — including the ability to categorize documents by type and manage them throughout their lifecycle, determine and apply retention policies, collaborate with individuals and departments, version content, easily search and locate the correct file, enable access from mobile devices and much more.

The perfect destination when scanning from Ricoh multifunction printers

If you’re using Ricoh equipment to scan documents and have wondered, “How do we stay organized with these scanned files we’re creating?” — RICOH Content Manager makes an ideal combination when used with our devices. Upload scanned documents into RICOH Content Manager in various ways depending on your needs. Paper documents can be scanned directly into your account using the RICOH Content Manager MFP browser — a firmware upgrade performed on compatible multifunction printers. It also enables batch, processing from the MFP, file conversion and optical character recognition (OCR) to turn scanned documents into searchable, and editable files. For a complete cloud solution, use RICOH Content Manager with RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions — an easy to start subscription that provides file conversion, OCR and direct upload of scanned documents.

Maintain control, collaborate with others and easily find and add content

RICOH Content Manager gives you the structure to protect information while enabling collaboration for authorized parties:

  • Determine the lifecycle of a document or folder with retention policies
  • Make use of company authentication credentials with Single Sign On
  • Set access permissions for users and groups — including document “check out” with automatic versioning and access/action history
  • Track activity with full audit trails with account history, even down to the individual document and user level
  • Work as a team without needing to rely on emailing files back and forth
  • Mark up and annotate documents without editing the original file, get automatic notifications when there are changes and stay in sync
  • Retrieve documents with powerful full text search that includes the content of your files
  • Filter documents by type — such as invoices, purchase orders and customer records, or filter by criteria — such as vendor name, invoice number and more

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