XM Fax

Digital fax that delivers security and convenience whether it be from mobile, desktop or MFP

Send information quickly and with confidence

Fax remains an essential tool for communicating sensitive information, especially for healthcare, government, education, and financial organizations. XM Fax eliminates the need for expensive fax infrastructure and its associated costs to create an excellent ROI. User workflows can be optimized while security and compliance can be improved through direct-to-recipient delivery and centralized record keeping.


  • Secured, encrypted faxing
  • Reduce your fax costs
  • Send and receive from anywhere

Enable secured faxing anywhere and drive efficiency

Send and receive faxes through computers, MFPs, EHR/EMR systems and mobile devices. It’s secured communication that’s as easy as sending an email that still delivers essential security and traceability.

Designed to help reduce costs

By transitioning to XM Fax, organizations are able to shed expensive analog fax lines and infrastructure. Because faxes are sent and received digitally and only printed on demand, consumable costs (paper, toner/ink, etc.) are also dramatically reduced.

Simplify workflows with advanced integrations

Move the volumes of information you handle every day between your doctors, patients, business offices, insurance companies, and pharmacies easier.

XM Fax features integrations with leading applications to streamline your workflows.

  • Allscripts and Epic EHR integrations enable healthcare organizations to focus on patient care.
  • MFP integrations leverage pre-built workflows and features to send quickly and receive any documents that must be printed securely.
  • Microsoft 365 email connectivity keeps information secured and enables people to work from anywhere.
  • iOS and Android applications further extend workflows and employee productivity.
  • Custom integrations via webservices and python scripting are also available.

Increase security and reduce risk

XM Fax helps to reduce the risk of unauthorized people seeing privileged information by delivering faxes direct to recipients’ secured devices rather than shared trays.

All transmissions are encrypted, including those sent through MFPs. Optional zero retention is available and all faxes are tracked in a central database for easier audits and oversight. Managed cloud deployments are certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS.

XM Fax has been designed to facilitate compliance with key industry regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, PCI DSS, and SOX. Cloud hosting in the US, Canada, and the EU is available to meet data sovereignty requirements.

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