RICOH Healthcare Asset Management powered by Symphion

Discover a faster, easier way to manage assets

An asset management solution transforms collaboration into information

The right information leads to better decisions, and with this Ricoh “information-as-a-service” digital asset management solution, we can serve it up for you.

Our dedicated professional services team provides expertise and always-ready support for the software and its systemic reporting capabilities. Receive comprehensive historical and up-to-the-minute information — so you can make smarter IT, print management and information security decisions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs throughout your enterprise.


Improve your healthcare information management system

Like everybody else in healthcare, you strive to protect the most vulnerable. With strict regulations for healthcare data security, including HIPAA compliance, HITECH, PCI, electronic medical records and other standards, you can't take any risks.

Whether you're preparing for audits or building your IT blueprint, you can take advantage of the on-going, enterprise-wide information to analyze your IT environment.

Discover how to reduce print costs

Control every asset, while controlling your bottom line, when you use our innovative asset management software. Run comprehensive reports for all of your output assets — even tethered devices — and compare costs for each type, location, manufacturer and more. Create a geographic map and click through configuration reports to gather real-time information about your fleet.

Get more IT information, avoid more hassles

Accomplish more by working less. Use this healthcare asset management solution to automate many asset discovery and reporting tasks. Stop walking the floors and wasting time searching for hardware and software. Start tracking inventory to determine spending on IT resources.