ITC Systems PayStations

Flexible, self-serve print-for-pay kiosks

Let users pay for output with credit/debit cards, cash and stored value cards

When users print at colleges, libraries and hotels, convenience and speed matter. They’re not thinking about having exact change for legacy coin-operated devices. As society becomes increasingly cashless, users expect the ability to pay with credit/debit cards, cash and stored value cards. ITC Systems PayStations let print-for-pay environments collect a wide range of payment options for output on Ricoh multifunction printers (MFPs) and printers.


  • Configure and charge appropriate amounts for various print settings and integrate with cost assessment software
  • Implement cost-effective coin/cash payment options, offer a broader array of payment choices and save staff time
  • Provide cellular connectivity to process credit/debit transactions where network access is unavailable

Self-service frees up staff time

With legacy coin operated payment systems, staff time is often spent on maintenance visits and providing change to users. ITC Systems PayStations can minimize or even eliminate the need for staff intervention for copy/print purchases. Kiosks can be installed quickly and are easily configured to charge users appropriately based on their choice of settings — including color usage, page size and more. When users can help themselves to the document output services they need, staff can focus their time on other, more valuable tasks.

Flexible payment methods bring revenue

Payment systems that rely on coins are quickly becoming obsolete in an increasingly digital world, and users that can’t easily pay for copies or prints will take their business elsewhere. PayStations are equipped to handle multiple payment methods — including coins, cash, credit and debit cards and stored value cards (ITC, ACT, Danyl, Depitek, ACDI, etc.). Giving users the flexibility to choose their payment method results in greater opportunity for revenue.

Usage data within easy reach

Aside from manually counting collected funds, legacy payment systems don’t provide an easy way to collect usage and payment data. PayStations can report on the amount of money collected, provide data about user activity and put helpful information within easy reach. The kiosks can interface to many back-end systems and even integrate with cost assessment software — including Nuance® Equitrac®, ecoprintQ PaperCut MF and Pharos® Uniprint®— for a single consolidated report.

Choose smart connected systems

Replacing stand-alone hardware with network connected systems not only provides more payment options, it also improves the experience for both users and staff. PayStations also provide the ability to connect via cellular network to process credit and debit transactions and enable remote updating and troubleshooting.

PayStation models

With multiple unit choices, you can gain the features and functions that matter to you.

  • The Elite station functions as a print release station for PaperCut, can accept cash, credit/debit cards and stored value cards and also supports barcode and contactless cards.
  • The Grand station can accept any combination of coin, cash, stored value card or credit/debit card for printing or copying.
  • The Swift station is a compact unit that can process credit/debit card payments with integrated cellular connection for print and copy payment.
  • The netZtouch is used with account based systems that are popular with colleges and universities.

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