Automate hard copy document scanning, job ticketing and print job submission to your print center

About RSA QDirect.SCA™ Web-to-Print Software

QDirect.SCAN™ software streamlines the process for sending hard copy originals to a print center. The intuitive touch screen interface on supported multifunction printers (MFPs) makes it easy for users to scan documents, create electronic job tickets and submit the jobs. Jobs are printed automatically with no operator intervention or they can be batched by specific requirements, priority or destination.


  • Accelerate workflows and eliminate errors by automating hard copy job submission.
  • Reduce operating expenses by sending print jobs to low-cost print centers and by consolidating MFP devices.
  • Control costs and track usage through integration with accounting and authentication systems.

Lower total cost of printing

Redirect print jobs from distributed MFPs to your print center to lower print costs, improve productivity and increase control. QDirect.SCAN™ bundles a connector for Nuance’s eCopy™ ShareScan® OP with RSA’s QDirect™ for enterprise print management to provide a comprehensive solution:

  • Allow users to focus on their job functions instead of copying and printing.
  • Improve information security and chargeback costs by integrating with accounting and authentication systems.
  • Satisfy user requirements for ease of use and reliability to sustain adoption.

Increase print center efficiency

Enable your print center to attract more volume while providing superior customer service. QDirect.SCAN™ helps to improve quality and consistency while expanding paper and finishing choices. Manage incoming jobs easily using the intuitive graphical interface:

  • Define the job ticket options you want to offer and limit user selection accordingly.
  • Reduce errors and rework with the user-validated confirmation sheet.
  • Batch and release jobs by specific requirements, priorities or destinations.

Improve user productivity and satisfaction

How many hours do users spend copying and printing? Too many. Give them all the reasons they need to send jobs to the print center:

  • Take the pressure off deadlines because they can spend more time on task instead of at an MFP.
  • Reduce worry about job accuracy because they can check the details on the confirmation sheets they receive.
  • Submit multiple jobs simultaneously.
  • Offer expansive paper and finishing choices that allow users to customize look and feel.

Strengthen enterprise print management

Implementing new software yourself can lead to installation snags, delays and unexpected costs. Instead, engage our product implementation specialists to customize, install and integrate QDirect.SCAN™. To further automate your print center, our experts can install RSA’s WebCRD web-to-print software for in-plants. The team follows standards-based procedures to expedite their work and provide consistent education to everyone involved.