PrintNet Curriculum Manager and Print Edu

Affordable, easy-to-use curriculum management and web-to-print software

Store, manage and distribute educational content effortlessly

Improve the way your teachers and administrators collaborate and work with PrintNet Curriculum Manager and Print Edu web-to-print (W2P) software. Easy to implement and use, these cloud-based solutions simplify tasks by automating manual processes.


  • Improve efficiency with the ability to receive curricula securely from multiple sources and companies.
  • Create a central repository that allows teachers to organize, store and distribute curricula, audio-video files and other materials electronically.
  • Save money on paper and printing – educators and administrators can edit and share digital copies instead of hard copies.

Customizable dashboards allow teachers to focus on teaching

Managing and distributing educational content manually can be tedious and time consuming. With PrintNet Curriculum Manager, educators can personalize an online digital classroom and work efficiently with curricula, audio-video files, course packs and other materials they pull in from multiple sources. They can use the curriculum management system to:

  • Customize an unlimited number of teacher pages.
  • Connect lessons, tests and homework to any electronic whiteboard, tablet, cell phone or other device in the classroom and to any URL.
  • Store and manage forms such as attendance sheets, syllabuses, grading guides, etc., using customizable tabs.

Add W2P to digital curriculum management

PrintNet Edu adds a web-to-print component to PrintNet Curriculum Manager. Teachers can bring approved curricula into the PrintNet system, select curricula stored in Curriculum Manager from any computer and submit print orders online. Raise the quality of school-wide printing with these and other capabilities:

  • Preview print orders for accuracy.
  • Embed print instructions in print orders to ensure fast, accurate print job completion.
  • Enable faculty and students to submit print orders from any electronic device.
  • Allow administrators to apply security and access controls to help safeguard information.
  • Streamline accounting tasks by automating the preparation of invoices, charge backs and reports.

Increase efficiency while you lower cost

Onsite W2P solutions can be expensive to buy and support. PrintNet Curriculum Manager and Print Edu are always up to date and offer affordable subscription pricing for schools, healthcare organizations and other vertical markets. Improve productivity while reducing cost with:

  • A dashboard that your print center staff can use to monitor and control incoming orders.
  • Conversion of more than 340 file types into ripped PDFs automatically.
  • Optional support for single sign-on and connection to LDAP, AIS systems and more.