Objectif Lune PlanetPress® Suite

Simplify and accelerate the creation, management and distribution of personalized communications

About Objectif Lune PlanetPress® Suite Document Composition and Management Software

PlanetPress® Suite is ideal for small and midsize businesses and fits right into your infrastructure with little or no change to systems. You can create or enrich documents with variable content, automate tasks and set up digital document workflows. The software reads most file types and print streams, allowing you to use data from nearly any source, even legacy applications. Distribute information via print, email, fax, web and to your archive.


  • Strengthen customer relationships and revenue opportunities with relevant, personalized documents that you can create and manage easily.
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive preprinted forms and inventory obsolescence by printing documents as you need them.
  • Accelerate document distribution with e-delivery, which in turn reduces postal costs and shortens payment cycles.

Produce and manage personalized documents in record time

Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to design new documents or to import and enhance PDF files with images, graphics, text and data from multiple sources. Deliver communications in each customer's preferred format, which can be updated quickly as preferences change. Save time at every step of production with ultra-efficient software:

  • Shortens the learning curve for current and new staff members with easy-to-learn software and no coding.
  • Triggers printing, mailing, publishing or updating processes that run automatically.
  • Updates existing forms with easy-to-set rules that do not change the source application.
  • Evaluates the available space on a document and applies the content in compliance with your brand standards.
  • Balances print workloads by sending equal or variable sized parts to each of your printers with embedded finishing commands.

Reduce costs with task automation and digital workflows

The ability to produce personalized, in-brand documents on demand allows your marketers to be far more strategic while stretching their marketing budgets:

  • Respond quickly to marketplace opportunities with special promotions.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell based on customers' profiles and purchase patterns.
  • Add compelling graphics, color, barcodes and other elements with a few clicks.
  • Improve customer retention by delivering valuable, relevant information at just the right time.

Let us get you up and running so you can focus on your customers

Deliver the personalized communications and experience your customers expect, and at the same time, improve productivity. Our customer experience management specialists help clarify your objectives, customize and implement the software, train your staff and provide support. Work with experts in document composition, digital workflows, mail management and production print job management.