MarcomCentral® FusionPro® VDP Creator

Personalize collateral with powerful variable data printing software

About MarcomCentral® FusionPro® VDP Creator variable data printing software

This variable data printing software brings together template design, multi-lingual variable data composition, data file definition, business logic and print-stream creation. Using an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in for Mac and Windows®, you can easily produce simple or complex personalized printed materials to fulfill local and global marketing requirements. Customers worldwide add value to their marketing pieces with FusionPro® VDP Creator, and many increase their capabilities through integration with other FusionPro® products.


  • Simplify the design and production of personalized marketing collateral that includes customer or prospect data.
  • Increase workflow efficiency by using a drag-and-drop interface or JavaScript to create business rules.
  • Fulfill global marketing requirements with multi-lingual variable data composition.

Plug in and start personalizing materials

Designing anything from scratch takes time and introduces lots of variables. Instead, use FusionPro® VDP Creator, variable data print software that installs easily on your Mac or PC and plugs seamlessly into any PDF or Adobe® InDesign® file. You can streamline tasks such as designing templates, creating business rules, associating customer or prospect or other input data, and sending press-ready files to your output devices. Twelve output formats (PDF, PostScript, VDX, PPML, HP-PPML, VPS, JLYT, VIPP, Digimaster-PS, JPG, PDF/VT and HTML) ensure compatibility with the leading digital print workflows.

Speed through simple and complex print projects

Satisfy consumers’ expectations for one-to-one communications by combining targeted, personalized messaging and imagery in memorable marketing pieces. An intuitive built-in workflow simplifies all types of variable data projects, but if you need help, video tutorials and an active user community are standing by.

Engage recipients in their language

Encourage readership and response by composing documents in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Greek and Turkish. Even better, you can specify a language for each recipient in your customer data files.

Increase marketing efficiency with related solutions

The templates of FusionPro® VDP Creator variable data printing software can be used with competitive solutions, but it integrates directly with:

  • MarcomCentral®: Centralize and automate the creation, printing, management and delivery of static, versioned and variable data pieces via hosted marketing asset management software.
  • MarcomCentral® FusionPro® Expression: Merge data, imagery and fonts with image personalization software.
  • MarcomCentral® JobDirect Plus: Use print job submission software to engage your customers via an online portal.


System and Software Requirements
Mac and PC compliant|Integrates with Adobe® Creative Suite 6

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