Lorton Data A-Qua Mailer™

Simplify customer communications and direct mail processing.

Advantages of A-Qua Mailer

Lorton Data A-Qua Mailer is an all-inclusive mailing software solution that streamlines the processing of direct mail, saving you time and money. A variety of plan options give you more flexibility over how you access our data services – from your desktop, web browser, FTP, or integrated into your total outbound mail solutions. A-Qua Mailer offers a range of features, including address standardization, CASS™ certification, NCOALink processing, and postal presort.


  • Automate direct mail processing to cut time-consuming tasks
  • Improve deliverability with address standardization and NCOALink processing
  • Ensure cost-effective direct mail campaigns while remaining compliant with USPS regulations

Deliver faster and with greater accuracy

A robust feature-set available from anywhere with this on-demand, cloud application boosts productivity and saves time. A-Qua Mailer customers enjoy features like:

  • Job templates and profiles which speed entry for repeat jobs
  • PAF storage and management enabling digital viewing and managing of previously submitted PAFs
  • Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb™) Unique ID Management allowing for easy reference of all unique serial numbers associated with Full-Service IMb jobs
  • Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) Support taking advantage of the Postal Service’s next generation tracking barcode for parcels
  • Account management for simplified user administrative functionality
  • Submit multiple services at the same time to save time by choosing all the services for your job at once

Integrate seamlessly into existing workflows

Eliminate tedious tasks like mail preparation as A-Qua Mailer integrates smoothly with your existing workflows, automating tasks such as address standardization, NCOALink processing, and postal presort. You'll find your direct mail process faster and more efficient.

Leverage direct mail automation from anywhere

With its complete, on-demand cloud-based suite of services, A-Qua Mailer allows you to login to your account from any device with internet access. Direct mail preparation has never been simpler as you can work from anywhere to create your own custom configuration file to reflect the specific workflow requirements of your work environment.

Streamline operations and cost efficiencies

Comprehensive mailing services reduce the need for multiple applications and services, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional customer outcomes. A-Qua Mailer services include:

  • CASS Certified™ ZIP+4®
  • NCOALink®
  • DSF2®
  • Geocoding
  • Duplicate Elimination
  • Suppression Services
  • PAVE™ Certified Presort
  • EDDM®
  • Certified Mail™
  • Mail Tracking

Maximize your outcomes through a proven partnership

Partnering with Ricoh and Lorton Data adds a knowledgeable and dedicated implementation team with the skills to get you started fast. Together, we will build your outbound communications for optimized direct mail processing, increased campaign impacts, and a maximized ROI while keeping you secured and compliant.