RSA Qdirect™

Increase productivity and lower costs by automating production print workflows

About RSA Qdirect™ Production Print Output Management Software

Pave the way to growth — and lower costs — with centralized control: automate digital workflows, accept jobs from any source and route jobs to print or non-print destinations. QDirect™ or QDirect™ Pro, which includes advanced job ticketing, can accommodate multiple locations, datastreams and vendor products. Optional modules and support for APIs and custom scripting allow you to adapt over time to changing customer requirements.


  • Protect your technology investments by increasing the volume and types of work you can accept.
  • Monitor and manage your entire print workflow in mixed printer and high-volume environments, locally or globally, from a single point.
  • Lower costs by automating manual processes and maximizing printer utilization.

Remove output management bottlenecks

Gain comprehensive control over your commercial print, in-plant or corporate print center environment. Boost efficiency, consolidate printing and maximize equipment utilization because QDirect™ helps you overcome common production challenges:

  • Multiple input sources or printers
  • Mixed printer or high-volume environments
  • Requirements for job or color-splitting and job batching
  • Requirements to run mainframe, network and publishing jobs
  • Excessive manual workflow steps

Enhance production print versatility and productivity

QDirect™ can accommodate simple print spooling or complex workflows while easing adoption of future printers and software:

  • Establish a central queue for jobs from mainframe hosts, networks, make-ready software, hotfolders and print submission tools.
  • Balance loads across multiple printers by releasing print jobs based on job attributes, printer availability and device capabilities.
  • Apply default job tickets, which are automatically converted to the target printer's native job ticket type.
  • Quantify, categorize and track jobs to simplify how you prioritize and route them.

Monitor and control your entire print workflow

Using a single touch screen, operators can view and release jobs, check status of printers and jobs, and manage destinations. The easy-to-use, configurable interface enables operators to complete more tasks in less time:

  • Receive real-time updates.
  • Drag and drop jobs to printers.
  • Order columns and show or hide them.
  • Apply or modify job ticketing attributes on individual jobs or in batches (with QDirect™ Pro).
  • Enhance documents with capabilities that include adding barcodes and banner pages; inserting, editing or deleting text; and inserting headers and footers.

Go beyond workflow management

When an investment delivers benefits in multiple areas of your business, it’s money well spent. QDirect™ goes beyond production automation to support other business objectives:

  • Tighten security with user and access controls.
  • Collect data to support planning.
  • Track, report on and charge back print job costs by adding on the QDirect™ Accounting module.
  • Integrate with third-party document accounting solutions to leverage existing investments.

Engage print workflow automation specialists

Make the most of your new software as soon as possible. Our consultants can explore your growth and efficiency goals before providing recommendations for customization and integration with products you already have or with other RSA products:

  • QDirect.SCAN™ works on supported multifunction printers (MFPs) and allows users to scan and ticket hard copy documents and send them to QDirect™.
  • M.I.S. Print™, IPDSPrint™ and VIPrint™ transform mainframe datastreams automatically to PostScript® for printing on production printers.
  • ReadyPrint™, a universal prepress tool, sends fully ticketed jobs production printers regardless of brand.
  • WebCRD™ automates ordering, fulfillment, job ticketing, production management and chargebacks for corporate print centers.
  • QDirect Dynamics™ provides variable data print capability for applications such as ID cards, postcards, newsletters and other communications you want to personalize.
  • Preflight Pro™ adds advanced preflight capabilities to the QDirect™ Pro output management solution.


System Requirements
Protocols: LPR, RAW, JMF, hotfolder, SMB, FTP, SFTP and SCP

File Formats: PostScript®, PDF, PCL, LCDS, EBCDIC, ACSII and IPDS (requires RSA IPDSPrint™)

Network Protocols
Open system: TCP/IP, LPR, FTP, SFTP, SMB, SSH, Socket, HotFolder, IPP, SNMP and JMF
Mainframe connectivity: secure mainframe TCP/IP

Load Balancing and Scheduling:
Job attributes, flood control, priority, schedule due date, SNMP printer status, SNMP job number and SNMP paper stocks
Job color coding, scheduled release times
Additional Features: Page range reprints, job viewer, multisite (partitions), Java-­based client app, light web app, web submission client, drag-and-drop client file submission and accounting data (.csv)
High Availability and Security: optimized for high-volume environments, backup server support, disaster recovery support, SSL support and LDAP and Active Directory integration