RICOH TotalFlow® Production Manager

Automate and simplify production print management tasks

About RICOH TotalFlow® Production Manager Software

Our hardware-agnostic production print management software provides tools to help you share information effectively, maximize sheet fed printer usage, minimize human touches and avoid printing mistakes — especially beneficial outcomes if you accept small jobs and on-demand commercial print projects. Basic output print workflow management functions include load balancing, error recovery, job submission and scheduling. Other modules add workflows for preflighting, imposition, approvals and more.


  • Streamline production print management by automating ticketing, scheduling, workflow creation, reporting and more.
  • Increase efficiency by editing workflow steps with drag-and-drop ease, and by reusing workflows.
  • Enable growth and scalability by connecting up to five cutsheet printers with the base product with the option to add up to 10 more.

Automate and simplify sheet-fed print management tasks

Use the default settings as a starting point to customize cutsheet print production workflows to match client requests. TotalFlow Production Manager printing production software speeds throughput and expands your workload capacity.

  • Assure accuracy with visual job tickets that allow you to see what the job looks like before you print it, and by adding approval steps and proof printing into workflows.
  • Build, customize and revise JDF/JMF workflows with drag-and-drop ease to eliminate manual entry of print specifications multiple times for similar jobs.
  • Route jobs automatically based on job requirements, printer capabilities, affordability and more.
  • Keep more industrial and commercial print jobs in-house with the ability to use LPR and hotfolder submissions and print from native applications using PDF printer drivers for Mac and PC.

Attend to production productivity and financial details

TotalFlow Production® Manager print press software supports continuous improvement by tracking job and printer metrics. You can export the data in PDF and CSV formats for easy analysis and action. Set up tracking by user when you want to charge back costs to individual clients or workgroups.

Support your growth with optional features

When client requirements change, or you’re ready to expand your capabilities, choose from these options:

  • Enhanced Preflight: create customized print production workflows with Enfocus PitStop action lists to check and correct crops, sizing, fonts and color formatting.
  • Enhanced Workflow: add basic PCL and PS transforms as well as preflight/color management.
  • Advanced Imposition: gain imposition capabilities for barcodes, marks and banners up to 49 inches long.

Extend your production environment view and control

Combine TotalFlow Production Manager with RICOH TotalFlow Prep prepress software, and you’ll be able to use a single dashboard to view your entire production environment. From a central point, you can control file preparation, build comprehensive workflows and manage jobs from start to finish.


System Requirements
Windows® 7 (SP1) Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate
Windows 8.1 Professional, Enterprise
Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise
Windows Server 2012, plus R2 Standard
Windows Server 2016
Standard Web Browser (no 64-bit support)
Mozilla Firefox® current version plus two prior
Google Chrome™ current version plus two prior
Microsoft Edge® version 25 and greater
Internet Explorer® 11
Apple® Safari® 9 and 10 Adobe®
Reader: Adobe Acrobat® Reader 11 and greater
File System: NTFS recommended
Client Side
Windows 7 (SP1) Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate
Windows 8 and 8.1 Professional, Enterprise
Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise Windows Server 2012, plus R2 Standard
Apple Mac OS® 10.9 and 10.10 Mavericks, Yosemite
Hardware Specifications
CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
Main Memory: 8 GB|Hard Disk: 100 GB free space
Network Ethernet: LAN adapter (at least 100 Mbps, wired LAN recommended). TCP/IP protocol (IPv4)
Display: more than 1,024 x 768 dots, more than 64,000 colors

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Achieve operational excellence
Achieve operational excellence

Achieve operational excellence

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Commercial & Industrial Printing
Commercial & Industrial Printing

Commercial & Industrial Printing

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Rely on the production experts

Rely on the production experts

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