RICOH TotalFlow® Digital Front End

A print server that allows you to manage offset and digital print jobs in a single workflow

About RICOH TotalFlow® Digital Front End production print server software

Managing separate offset and digital workflows can be cumbersome, time consuming and prone to error. Our print server management software, which can be used with the RICOH Pro C7200 Series and Pro C9200 Series cutsheet color production printers, enables hybrid workflows to maximize productivity and throughput. TotalFlow Digital Front End also expands print flexibility in transactional output environments that rely on Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) for efficient, accurate printing.


  • Increase efficiency by combining offset and digital production print jobs in a single workflow.
  • Capitalize on native IPDS™ to increase print versatility in environments that use AFP™ and ™ for transactional output.
  • Achieve comprehensive production print workflow integration, including print MIS, so you can manage information easily.

Improve customer experience

Your customers expect a certain level of quality — give it to them sooner than they expect. Use the TotalFlow® Digital Front End to print digitally without sacrificing the quality of offset. Whether you need to fine-tune color variations, expand beyond four colors, or print large signs, you can do it quickly and precisely on a digital printer.

Boost versatility in transactional print environments

TotalFlow Digital Front End’s native IPDS™ and built-in error recovery capabilities offer printing choices that can lower cost and increase efficiency in AFP™ continuous feed (CF) printing environments. For example, you can print short-run projects on demand or print job elements like covers digitally and marry them with contents printed on a CF device. In addition, a sheet-fed digital press allows you to offer more colors and styles and finish jobs inline.

Manage print jobs from one interface

Use your Prinergy™ Workflow 8 user interface to support both offset and digital print runs. No re-submissions, no re-edits, no rework. Our print server management software brings cutsheet devices and workflow software together so you can plan and prep print jobs, automate processes and produce work quickly with fewer errors. Local and remote access improves productivity as you oversee and manage jobs using customizable Operation, Jobs and Configuration screens.

Reduce human touch points and labor costs with print server management software

The more you automate your print workflow, the more time and money you save. With rules-based automation, all print job information is in the job ticket, including print stock, color characteristics and other details. Let the software evaluate the requirements and send jobs to the appropriate sheet-fed device based on the preferences you define.

Achieve comprehensive workflow integration

Connect production printing to your print MIS with ease. Our production printers are managed by JDF/JMF, so you can create a single seamless print workflow for transmitting print instructions and specifications that can be shared with other devices and applications.


System Requirements
RICOH TotalFlow Print Server R-60A: for RICOH Pro C7100/C7100X Series color production printers
RICOH TotalFlow Print Server R-60: for RICOH Pro C9100 Series color production printers

Configuration: External
CPU: Intel® Xeon E5-2620v2 2.6 GHz x 2
Memory: 32 GB
HDD: 1 TB SATA x 3
DVD Drive: supported
Operating System
Linux®openSUSE 12.3 64 bit
Network Protocol: FTP, LPR, Port 9100, TCP-IPDS, IPP, RHPP, HTTP, Dynamic DNS, Restricted IP Printing, SMB, Apple Talk, WSD
Internet Protocol: IPv4, IPv6
Supported Data Format:
• Standard: PostScript™3, PDF Version 1.7, TIFF, JPEG, PDF/VT, PDF/X
• Option: Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) (Ricoh models only)
Control/Ticket: JDF, JMF
Print Resolution: 1,200 dpi
Roman: 136
Japanese: 5
CJK Substitute: 13
Ricoh HGS substitute: 2
USB port 0 for keyboard (rear)
USB port 1 for mouse (rear)
USB port 3 for USB flash for configuration back up (rear)
USB port 4 for front USB port (front)
USB port 5 for dongle (internal)
Network Interface Intel®: 1350AM2 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet 10BASE-T/100-BASE-TX/1000BASE-T

Network Interface Intel®: 1350AM2 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet 10BASE-T/100-BASE-TX/1000BASE-T
USB Interface: USB 2.0 Type-A: 5 port (Front x1, Rear x3, Internal x1)
Printer Driver Support
Windows® 7, Windows 7 SPI, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows Vista Server SP1 and SP2, Windows Server 2003 and 2003R2, Windows Server 2008, 2008 SPI and 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2008R2 and 2008R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2 (64 bit only), Mac® OS X 10.7 or later.
WxDxH: 7” x 25.6” x 17.5” (178 x 650 x 444 mm)
Weight: 48.4 lbs. (22 kg)
Power Source: 100 – 240 V, 4.8 A, 50/60 Hz

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